We Serve Neither Westminster Nor Brussels- But Ireland!

Ireland today is on the front line of an inter-imperialist struggle between British imperialism and the EU imperialist bloc. The great powers see us as just another bargaining chip.

The solution doesn’t lie in picking imperialist masters, but in rejecting their system altogether.

Hitching the fate of our country to this or that imperialist power has been the role of the garrison class both North and South for a century.

British intelligence in collusion with Loyalists in the occupied 6 counties, have actively sought to undermine the Irish Protocol through a campaign of intimidation, with the aim of forcing the EU back to the negotiating table and even to introduce a hard border in Ireland.

Now it is being rumoured that the new Brexit arrangement under negotiation could affect the food supply and tariffs for the whole of Ireland, at the EU’s behest. That such a thing could even be considered shows how callous the EU is towards its subjects. Despite their strenuous denials that this proposal is being considered, the EU has a long track record of trampling on the rights of small nations and their people.

Some would also have us believe that courting Joe Biden and the might of American imperialism is the path to Irish national liberation.

Cosying up to the Biden regime is an insult to every sentiment of international solidarity and anti imperialism that Irish Republicanism is founded on. The Irish people should have nothing to do with American imperialism and the trail of blood it has left across the globe.

British, EU and American imperialism are all leeches feeding on the Irish people. Whether its through the direct military presence of Britain, American use of Shannon Airport, or the thousands of multinationals, trusts and vulture funds that control most aspects of our economic and social life.

As it was in 1916, Irish National Liberation can only come about through the struggles of the working class against any compromise with imperialism, seeking to establish a sovereign and independent Socialist Republic, “from the centre to the sea”!

Britain Out of Ireland! Ireland Out of the EU!

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