On the Arrests at the Pro Palestinian March in Dublin

On Saturday February 17, members of Anti Imperialist Action and Saoirse Don Phalaistín attended the National demonstration in Dublin in support of the Palestinian Resistance.

In the aftermath of the march and a subsequent BDS action in Stephens Green, a number of Palestinian Solidarity Activists, including a Republican activist arrested for wearing a Kufiya, the Palestinian National scarf and international symbol of resistance, were arrested, detained for a number of hours and charged on trumped up charges to appear in the Free State Courts in March.

These latest arrests come as part of a significant stepping up of Free State harassment and attempts to criminalise the Palestinian Solidarity movement in Ireland as the alsoncome in the wake of 3 solidarity activists being arrested and charged by the British Occupation in Derry.

Anti Imperialist Action condemns the arrest and charging of Palestinian Solidarity Activists, including a number of our own members across Ireland. We further condemn the campaign of harassment and attempts at intimidation being waged against solidarity and Republican activists.

In recent weeks Free State police have been calling Solidarity Activists and threatening to charge them with the Occupation of the Zionist Embassy in December 2024. Other activists have been arrested and charged with a direct action at the Free State Department of Foreign affairs in November 2023, while more have noted that the are under surveillance and being followed by the Free State special branch, particularly leading up to Palestinian solidarity events.

Supporting Palestine is not a crime and we will never accept it being criminalised. The true criminals are based in the Zionist Embassy on the 5th floor of 23 Shelbourne Rd, under the protection of the free state despite the overwhelming majority of the Irish people wanting the embassy closed and the ambassador expelled for good.

Harassment, arrest and political charges will not stop Republicans from standing shoulder to shoulder with Palestine or voicing our support for the Palestinian Resistance and their heroic fight for freedom.

From Ireland to Palestine- Occupation is a Crime and as history shows, occupation breeds resistance!

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