Anti Imperialist Action is a Socialist Republican Mass Organisation. As an introduction to our ideology we have put together the following reading list  as an introduction to Irish Socialist Republicanism

Introduction to Republicanism 

1. Declaration of the United Irishmen
2. The 1867 Fenian Proclamation- IRB
3. Manifesto of the Irish Socialist Republican Party- James Connolly
4. For the Citizen Army (1915)- James Connolly
5. The 1916 Proclamation- The Provisional Government of the Irish Republic
6. The Democratic Programme- An Chéad Dáil Éireann

7. Liam Mellows Socialist Programme
8.  Social Programme of the Irish Republican Army, 1933.
9. Oration at Bodenstown (1966) – Seamus Costello
10. Onwards to the Revolutionary Movement- Sean Doyle (2019)

Introduction to Socialism

 1. Let us Free Ireland- James Connolly
2. Wolfe Tones Ideas of Democracy- Markievicz
3. Socialism and Nationalism- James Connolly
4. Workshop Talks- James Connolly
5. Nationalism and Socialism- Sinn Féin (1980)
6. The Path that led me to LENINISM- Ho Chi Minh
7. Point 10- The Discussion on Self Determination Summed Up- Lenin
8. Be Concerned with the Well Being of The Masses, Pay attention to Methods of Work- Mao
9. Combat Liberalism-Mao
10. Long Live Marxism-Leninism- Maoism – Revolutionary Internationalist Movement

Video Readings