IRA Volunteers Remembered in Bluebell

Earlier this evening members of Anti Imperialist Action’s Dublin South City Coiste gathered to remember for Republican soldiers who gave their lives in the cause of National Liberation 98 years ago today.

On the November 18 1922, an active service unit of the IRA’s Dublin Brigade was preparing to take offensive action against Free State Troops in the aftermath of the execution of four Republican POWs the previous day by the Counter Revolution.

As the Republicans prepared an ambush on Free Staters at Lansdowne Valley on the Old Naas Road at Bluebell, a landmine they were working on prematurely exploded and Volunteers, Thomas Maguire, Paddy J Egan,
Bernard Curtis and Thomas Phelan, paid the ultimate sacrifice for Irish Freedom.

These Volunteer soldiers gave their lives defending the All Ireland People’s Republic, Proclaimed in 1916, against the forces of Counter Revolution and Brit Imperialism, the same forces that continue to suppress the People’s Republic today.

Fuair Said bás ar son na Poblachta

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