Facebook Censors Seamus Costello Memorial Committee

*Facebook Censors Seamus Costello Memorial Committee.

The Seamus Costello Memorial Committee has been censored by Facebook just days before the 42nd Anniversary of the great Socialist Republican.

For the second time in as many months, the Facebook group of the memorial committee has been removed without warning from the social media platform, with no explanation forthcoming.

A spokesperson for the Memorial Committee said, ‘The removal once again of the Seamus Costello Memorial Committee Group on Facebook is part of a wider social media censorship campaign against Irish Republicans. None of the posts on the memorial group are in breach of the Facebook Community Standards, yet the page has been removed for the second time in two months this evening, for no other reason than for promoting an unrepentant Socialist Republican Analysis.

It is no coincidence that the page has been censored and removed in the days leading up to the 42nd Anniversary of Seamus Costello’s murder by counter- revolutionaries and as we prepare to launch the 2nd annual Seamus Costello School in Dublin.

In whose interest is it to attempt to censor a weekend of discussion and debate by the Republican base?

It is clear that 42 years after his death, the anti Republican and anti working class elements in Ireland continue to fear the name and Revolutionary example of Seamus Costello and the growth of Socialist Republicanism.

The Seamus Costello Memorial Committee will not be disheartened or deterred from our work, promoting the Revolutionary life and teachings of Seamus Costello or from advancing his philosophy to achieve a successful Socialist Republican Revolution in our lifetime, establishing the All Ireland Socialist Republic under the democratic control of the Working Class.

We would encourage all Republicans, Socialists, Trade Unionists and other progressives to reject Facebook censorship and to join us as we celebrate the Revolutionary contribution of Costello this weekend, in the Teachers Club in Dublin.

The struggle Goes on!

Beir Bua

Seamus Costello Memorial Committee

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