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On the Morning of January 28 2020, the Facebook platform of the Socialist Republican Mass Organisation Anti Imperialist Action Ireland was censored and unpublished for its leading role in the fight to deplatform the Irish Far Right, for exposing that fascism in Ireland is being directed by Britain’s MI5 and for its consistent campaigning against Imperialism and the Free State Counter Revolution.

A Spokesperson for Anti Imperialist Action Ireland said, ‘Facebook, no doubt under orders from the Free State and British Authorities have unpublished our platform on their site for its leading role in the struggle against fascism. That Facebook would side with the far right against the interests of the Irish Working Class, is not surprising, but it is also not something we intend to accept lying down and will challenge this censorship of the Anti Fascist and Irish Socialist Republican Message.

It is also no surprise that this comes the night after a humiliating defeat of the far right in Ballbriggan. In the aftermath of yesterday evenings events Fascist Organisers called on their online support base to mass report the Anti Imperialist Action Ireland page, such was their desperation to save some sort of face from their total humiliation. The irony of the advocates of ‘Free Speech’ scrambling to have Facebook censor a Socialist Republican Platform will not be lost on the Irish Working Class.

Our Anti Fascism will continue undettered as it takes place in the real world, this latest censorship only being a minor temporary inconvenience of getting our message across.

As we work to get our way page restored we encourage our supporting to keep up with our work and to like our sister page, the Anti Imperialist Flying Column which can be found here:

And this blog, Socialist Republican Media.

The struggle to rebuild the All Ireland Republic and to defeat Capitalism and Imperialism will not be won or lost on social media and we appeal to all Socialist Republicans and other progressives to redouble their efforts to build the People’s Resistance and Alternative Working Class Republican Power Structures across the country that can replace the failed partitionist states. The work to build such an alternative starts street by street in our own communities.

Forward to National Liberation and Socialism

An Phoblact Abú!

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