Fianna Fáil and the Bank and Tans

An opinion piece submitted by ‘The Mutineer’

The Return of Fianna Fáil – The Soldiers of Destiny?, or the Soldiers of Exploitation and Greed.

The Free State has witnessed a ‘Lazarus’ moment with the return of the most corrupt political party, whose cauldron is full to the brim with crony and comprador capitalism. 

Fianna Fáil are a proud proponent of neo liberalist policies and cheerleaders of gombeen capitalism who, when last were in power with the Greens, both saddled the people with the debts of corrupt banks and developers that has now seen the Free State’s debt amount to €203 billion and climbing, that’s around €45,000 owed to these elusive vulture bond holders by every man woman and child in the 26 Counties. 

All it took for the return of Fianna Fáil was for Micheál Martin to apologise to the Irish people for his and his party’s massive role in the economic crash that sent the Irish people crashing to their knees but with a wee bit of conjuring, Fianna Fáil were able to turn 2 crony capitalist partitionist parties and a watery liberalist party into 1 unholy capitalist alliance.

It is absolutely astounding how the master sorcerers in Fianna Fáil beguiled the Fine Gael Blueshirts and their old reliable cohorts the ‘Blueshirts on Bikes’ of the Greens to do their bidding and join them in sharing power in Leinster House.

What is very clear from here on in, is that the Irish people have nothing but pain and austerity on the horizon from this pro imperialist administration , while the Covid 19 pandemic has turned the state upside down, the FF run troika administration will inflict hardships that will be unprecedented. 

A read through their agreed programme, has basically one key ingredient sprinkled with a green agenda, the FF, FG, Gs troika clearly states that business and economic survival lies with market expansion, grow capitalism and we will all benefit, the truth is the only ones who will benefit will be the rich elite, who even managed to increase their wealth through the pandemic.

With the rise of this neo-liberal troika we will also witness once again the rise of the crooked banks and crooked developers who hold true to the first law of capitalism which James Connolly called correct when he stated that  “governments in capitalist society are but committees of the rich to manage the affairs of the capitalist class”. The FF run troika are simply grunting to get their snouts in the money trough. 

We simply have to forget about all that gangster bankers, forget about Ivor Callely and his lavish travel expenses, forget about Liam Lalor and all those planning backhanders, forget about Ray Burke and his property developer pals tasty brown envelopes and forget about Charlie Haughey and well lets just say Ansbacher Bank Accounts. 

Forget about all that and remember that Bertie Ahern won it all on the horses.

So lets give 3 cheers to the 3 little pigs soon to be fattened up with the spoils of the Leinster House capitalist trough, while the majority of the people – the working class, will shoulder the burden of the continuous failures of capitalism in the 26 Counties.

It is time we remind ourselves of the words of IRA Commandant General Liam Mellows while speaking against the British treaty in Dáil Éireann in 1922, the treaty which partitioned the Country and established this rotten Free State through counter revolutionary means and drove the 32 County Irish Socialist Republic underground. 

Mellows’ words regarding the partitioned 26 County state remain true to this day. . “You can’t make a silk purse out of a sows ear.

The alternative for Socialist Republicans is clear. A complete rejection of Partition, Occupation and the Free State and the Rebuilding of the All Ireland People’s Republic under the Democratic Control of the Working Class.

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