Kevin Barry Mural, Dublin

To mark the 100th Anniversary of the execution by British Imperialism of Vol. Kevin Barry, H Company 1st Battalion, Dublin Brigade, Irish Republican Army, members of Anti Imperialist Action Ireland’s Dublin Comhairle Ceantair erected a temporary wall mural close to Mountjoy Prison earlier today, to commemorate the courage and sacrifice of Kevin Barry in the fight for National Liberation.

The mural quickly attracted the attention of passers by, many of who stoped and tool the opportunity to talk to our activists about Kevin Barry, a Carlow born Volunteer much loved by Dubliners, the city he grew up in.

Our activists noted that the fight for freedom in which Barry gave his life continues today as the 6 counties remain illegally occupied by the same forces that murdered Kevin Barry 100 years ago today.

The struggle continues to rebuild the All Ireland People’s Republic that Vol. Kevin Barry gave his young life to establish and in the words of the immortal ballad in his honour, ‘Lads like Barry will free Ireland, for her sake they live and die’.

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