This Week in Struggle

The following is a roundup of the main activism engaged in by Irish Socialist Republicans this week, October 26- November 1.

O’Neills Collaboration with Brit Imperialism Exposed

On Monday October 26 Anti Imperialist Action exposed that O’Neills Sportswear is collaborating with the British forces of occupation by providing kits to the Brit Military.

Full statement can be read here:

Media coverage here:

1980 Hungerstrike commemorated in Dublin

To mark the 40th Anniversary of the launch of the 1980 Hungerstrike, on Tuesday October 27, Anti Imperialist Action renamed Merrion Road in Dublin that houses the Brit Imperialist Embassy, as Bóthar Breandan MacAodha/ Brendan Hughes Road.

Large road signs were erected to cover the current signs at the junction of the road that houses the Brit Embassy, at the Embassy itself and on the Bus Stops close by to honour the courage and sacrifice of the Republican Soliders in the H-Block who commenced a Hungerstrike Against British attempts to criminalise the Republican Struggle 40 years Ago this week.

Brendan Hughes the O/C of the Republican POWs and a deeply committed Socialist Republican led the strike against the Brits and it is fitting to rename the road that houses the epi-centre of Brit Imperialism in the Free State in honour of his heroic action and life long fight for Irish National Liberation and Socialist Revolution.

Brit Military Recruitment Exposed

This week Anti Imperialist Action Ireland exposed that Brit Imperialism is deliberately targeting Irish Teenagers for recruitment into its war machine.

The British Military are paying for ads on Facebook targeting People in Ireland aged between 16-32 that are interested in ‘Career Development’.

The Brit War Machine is prevented from physically recruiting to its military in the 26 countries, but it seems Brit Imperialism has found a way round this by paying for facebook ads that target all 32 Counties. Targeting Irish Youth to become cannon fodder in the midst of an economic recession is yet another low blow by the Brits in their ongoing dirty war in Ireland.

Britain has no right to be in Ireland and has no right to attempt to recruit Irish Youth to uphold the illegal occupation of our country. Any and all attempts by Britain to recruit in Ireland must be forcefully opposed. Any Irishmen and women serving in the ranks of the Brit War Machine are traitors to their country and should be exposed and treated as such.

The only way to end the dirty tricks of Britain in Ireland is to successfully rebuild the struggle for National Liberation and Socialist Revolution on an All Ireland Basis and drive British Imperialism from our country once and for all.

This is the struggle that Irish Youth should be joining- this is the struggle genuine patriots dedicate their lives to achieve.

Britain Get Out of Ireland Now and stop targeting our youth!

Fascist Stickers Removed in Dublin

Anti Imperialists this week came across a sticker from the tiny Far Right and Pro British Imperialist Group Generation Identity ‘UK’ that organises in Ireland.

Generation Identity’s boot boys are known for following MI5’s Rowan Croft around like little puppies, hero worshiping the Tan for his service to the Brit Queen and Empire, and Croft is only too happy to groom them for Imperialism.

The sticker was removed and replaced with a Socialist Republican Sticker calling for an end to the Extradition of Liam Campbell

Generation Identity ‘UK’ and the rest of the far right have no place in Ireland. Irish Socialist Republicans will continue to confront them wherever they appear, but we will also continue our community engagement on the ground in working class areas tackling the lies of fascists and Brit Agents and directing the Working Class to focus on the real enemy, Free State Capitalism And Foreign Imperialism

Kevin Barry Mural Unveiled

On Sunday November 1st, to mark the 100th Anniversary of the execution by British Imperialism of Vol. Kevin Barry, H Company 1st Battalion, Dublin Brigade, Irish Republican Army, members of Anti Imperialist Action Ireland’s Dublin Comhairle Ceantair erected a temporary wall mural close to Mountjoy Prison, to commemorate the courage and sacrifice of Kevin Barry in the fight for National Liberation.

The mural quickly attracted the attention of passers by, many of who stoped and tool the opportunity to talk to our activists about Kevin Barry, a Carlow born Volunteer much loved by Dubliners, the city he grew up in.

Our activists noted that the fight for freedom in which Barry gave his life continues today as the 6 counties remain illegally occupied by the same forces that murdered Kevin Barry 100 years ago.

The struggle continues to rebuild the All Ireland People’s Republic that Vol. Kevin Barry gave his young life to establish and in the words of the immortal ballad in his honour, ‘Lads like Barry will free Ireland, for her sake they live and die’.

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