Anti Imperialist Action Picket O’Neill’s Sportswear in Dublin

Earlier today members of Anti Imperialist Action held a picket on the offices of O’Neills Sportswear in Walkinstown Dublin, to highlight that this well known company is providing sports kits and equipment to the British Military.

Those at the picket held placards that read: ‘ Ó’Neills Sportswear- Stop Collaborating with the British Occupation in Ireland’.

By making equipment for the British War Machine, O’Neills are actively supporting the ongoing illegal occupation of Ireland and are actively profiting from it. The company have build their reputation by providing equipment to the GAA, an organization whose members have been killed by the Brit Military should hang there heads in shame. The collaboration with British Imperialism should be ended immediately.

Anti Imperialist Action will continue to demand an end to the relationship between O’Neills and the British Military and pressure should be put on the company to break the connections with the forces of occupation by Republicans and GAA members across Ireland.

We will continue to build the campaign in the coming weeks until O’Neills give a commitment to profiteering from from the occupation of our country and end all contracts with the Brit Military!

Britain Get Out of Ireland Now!

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