Reject Britain’s Border Poll- Rebuild the All Ireland People’s Republic!

AIA – For National Liberation & Socialist Revolution

Anti Imperialist Action Ireland is an all Ireland Socialist Republican mass organisation formed three years ago.

Our position is that Ireland is both a colony and a semi-colony.

It is a colony in that the British government forcibly occupy six counties of Ireland while maintaining indirect control of the remaining 26 counties.

As Britain has left the European Union British rule in Ireland needs to be challenged and not accommodated with an internal settlement.

We believe Irish national sovereignty and Irish nationhood is inalienable and not up for negotiation or discussion.

Human rights and the rights of nations are not to be negotiated on or discussed.

The only dealings Revolutionary Irish Republicans should have with the British government is to dictate terms of a British withdrawal.

The British governments carrot of a Border poll is not a concession, it’s a trap! It is intended to subjugate any opposition to British rule and intentionally inflame the artificially created sectarian divide in the six counties.

It will further strengthen British Rule.

The British have worked for decades to move Republicans to a constitutional rather than a Revolutionary position.

A Border Poll is the final nail in the British counter insurgency strategy which has tried to incorporate support from the nationalist population over the last 100 years to support the British institution in Ireland.

British colonialism and imperialism will not simply wither away. It needs to be forcefully challenged.

AIA believe in the creation of an Anti Imperialist Broad Front that can challenge British rule in Ireland and end British rule once and for all!

An Phoblacht Abú!

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