AIA Condemn the So-Called Socialists Supporting British Imperialism in Ireland

The so called Socialist Party of Ireland has labeled all those apposed to the use of 100 British Army Combat medics in Irish Hospitals as sectarian.

Such a statement demonstrates the inherently unionist position of the Socialist party and demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of Imperialism. It further exposes the active opposition of the so-called Socialist Party to the right of the Irish People to National Self Determination.

The so-called Socialist Party of Ireland, since its establishment in 1996 as a representative of British Trotskyites in Ireland, has opposed Irish National Liberation instead favoring what it calls ‘a federation of the British isles’ led from Westminster.

While the so-called Socialist Party claim to be anti sectarian, their role in always upholding the line of imperialism and supporting the most reactionary sections of the Protestant Working Class only entrenches sectarianism within the communities where they are active in occupied Ireland.

It has always sided with Imperialism and promoted unionism. The so-called Socialist Party has nothing to offer the Irish Working Class. Genuine Irish Socialists are Republicans and are involved in the fight for National Liberation and Socialist Revolution which James Connolly demonstrated are the same fight and cannot be separated.

There is nothing sectarian about opposing the British Occupation of Ireland. Britain has no right to be in Ireland and British soldiers should not be in our hospitals or anywhere else in our country.

Irish Socialist Republicans will continue to oppose the occupation of Ireland and the illegal presence of British Imperialism in our country. We will also continue to call out the revisionism and economism of groups that attempt to mislead the Working Class.

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