Western Sahara Speaks: Report from Public Meeting

Earlier this evening Anti Imperialist Action Ireland hosted an online public meeting entitled Western Sahara Speaks, focusing on the armed struggle in the North African Country against the Moroccan Occupation.

The meeting began with a short video outlining the history of Western Sahara. This was followed by four speakers at the 2 hour long meeting, Lagdef Salac of Western Sahara Action Ireland who gave an overview of the history of the nation and the struggle for National Liberation up to the recommencing of the armed struggle in 2020, Senia Bachir of Western Sahara Resource Watch who gave a detailed and highly informative presentation on the current situation in Western Sahara focusing on the Moroccan Occupation, life in the occupied territories and the refugee camps in Algeria, the armed struggle and what people in Ireland can do to help.

Lagdef and Senia spoke passionately about their country, their people and the struggle for National Liberation and were followed by Diarmuid Breatnach and Mark McLaughlin who focused on the details of the Irish solidarity campaign that began back in 2001.

All speakers stressed the brutality of the Moroccan occupation which is settler colonial in nature backed up by a massive military presence and the similarities with the illegal Zionist occupation of Palestine. Diarmuid Breatnach also highlighted how Ireland is under a military occupation of Britain and a sixth of our country remains under British colonial rule with imperialism having an impact on the whole country.

Along with the armed struggle, the speakers outlined how a key part of the National Liberation Struggle focuses on the illegal activities of multi national corporations that have lined up to to take advantage of the Moroccan occupation and to rob the rich resources of Western Sahara that belong by right to her people.

A questions and answers session followed the speakers during which some of the main points raised during the meeting were further discussed including the armed struggle, the role of multi nationals, the failure of the UN and the demographic nature of Western Sahara.

It was an honour for Anti Imperialism Action Ireland to hold this meeting and to provide a platform for an overlooked but very important struggle for National Liberation. We would like to thank all the speakers and all those who took the time to attend.

Anti Imperialist Action will continue to build solidarity with the struggle for National Liberation in Western Sahara and with anti Imperialists in Africa and around the world.

Proletarian Internationalism is a key plank of our Political Programme, side by side with rebuilding the struggle for National Liberation and Socialist Revolution in Ireland.

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