International Working Women’s Day

This International Working Women’s Day we remember all the women around the world who have struggled and continue to struggle against patriarchy, exploitation, capitalism and imperialism.

In particular we celebrate the countless women who have played key roles in the Irish struggle for national liberation and socialist revolution, a role that has been too often forgotten and neglected. Women in Ireland have also long been exploited as workers in a more severe fashion, as well as forced to labour without pay in the home or in state and church controlled prisons like the Magdalene Laundries.

Anti Imperialist Action Ireland fully support women in their struggle for womens rights and against sexism, while also believing, as the Indian Marxist Anuradha Ghandy said, “the struggle for women’s liberation cannot be successful in isolatiom from the struggle to overthrow the imperialist system itself”.

We would encourage any women who are looking to dismantle the system of oppression and exploitation in Ireland, and who believe in the struggle for national liberation and socialism to get in touch with Anti Imperialist Action.

Ní Saoirse Go Saoirse Na mBan!

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