Direct Action on Greedy Co. Wicklow Land-grabber.

This Land is Your Land- This Land is My Land!

For a number of years the owners of Arklow Holidays Caravan Park in Co. Wicklow have barricaded off public access to Arklow’s North Beach in attempt to land-grab the coast and deny the community its right to walk and fish the Co. Wicklow Coastline.

Coast and beach grabbing has been going on for many years in Wicklow.
In the 1960s Community organisations, Republicans and Socialists under the leadership of Seamus Costello led a campaign to free the beaches of Brittas Bay from greedy land grabbers.

There has also been attempts to barricade off Clogga strand and there is an ongoing campaign to free Wicklow’s Mizen Head from another greedy landgrabber.

The fencing off of Arklow’s North Beach has brought on strong resistance from the people of Arklow who oppose the buisness owners illegal barricade.

Irish Socialist Republicans after been contacted by members of the local community have on a number of times ripped down the barricade and also breached the fencing to allow the community gain access to the coastline.

On last Saturday evening, AIA activists were contacted by members of the community who wished to walk the North Beach to Porters Rock’s.

Once again AIA activists took direct action against Arklow Holdays Caravan Park and breached the fence to allow walkers and anglers gain access to the coastline.

Smash the illegal barricade on Arklow’s North Beach!

The Campaign Continues….

Right of Way Reopened

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