On Saturday July 10, members of Anti Imperialist Action Ireland staged a direct action against the presence of British Imperialists and the British Military at Island Bridge in Dublin.

Despite the security at the event organized by the British Legion, the Revolutionary Socialist Republicans managed to get inside the security cordon and into the Imperialist War Memorial with a large banner the read ‘No to the Glorification of Imperialist Wars- Brits Out!’ while others displayed the Starry plough flag and placards that read ‘Britain Out of Ireland’ and ‘Saor Éire anois’.The direct action prevented the imperialists laying wreaths at the cenotaph and the imperialist display had to be reorganized for one of the rose gardens in the memorial.

As the British Ministers from Stormont, joined representatives of the Free State administration, the British Military and the British Embassy, the Socialist Republicans could be heard chanting, ‘Stop the Glorification of Imperialist War’, ‘Britain Get Out of Ireland’ ‘Imperialists not Welcome’ ‘Remember Bloody Sunday, Ballymurphy and the Dublin and Monaghan Bombings, ‘An Bhreatain Amach as Éireann’ agus ‘Saor Éire Anois as well as ‘Shame Shame Shame’. The look of shame and embarrassment on the faces of those attending and the organisers was telling.

Speaking at the event, a member of Anti Imperialist Action said, ‘Our protest today was called at short notice, but with the intention of sending a clear message that British Imperialism will not be tolerated in any part of Ireland. The presence of the British Military and the flying of the butchers apron here in Dublin is a deep insult to the Irish People while Britain continues its illegal occupation of Ireland. The Struggle for National Liberation and Socialist Revolution continues today, and will continue until the reestablishment of the All Ireland People’s Republic. Actions such as we have taken today are important to demonstrate that Resistance against Imperialism in Ireland continues and that Revolutionary Socialist Republicans will continue to be at the forefront of opposing Imperialism in every part of Ireland. Its long past time for Britain to declare a withdrawal from Ireland. Britain Should get out of Ireland now.’

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