Free Issam Hijjawi

Anti Imperialist Action Ireland calls for the immediate release of Dr. Issam Hijjawi, an anti Imperialist prisoner who is being deliberately medically neglected by the British forces of occupation.

In recent days Dr. Hijjawi suffered a heart attack and was left for hours in pain by the British prison system in Ireland. Such actions are a clear human rights crime that can only be interpreted as a deliberate attempt to cause the death of Dr. Hijjawi.

We also call for the release of the Saoradh 9 who are being held as part of an MI5 sting operation.

We will continue to support Issam Hiijjawi and all Republican POWs.

The following statement has been released by the IRPWA today:

“The Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association reiterate our calls to free Dr Issam Hijjawi.

Anti imperialist prisoner, Dr Issam Hijjawi, recently suffered a heart attack having been left in pain for several hours before being transferred to hospital for immediate surgery after midnight on Saturday 9th October.

Issam is now recovering in the hospital wing of the MI5 controlled Maghaberry Gaol before he is able to return to his comrades on Roe 3 and 4.

It’s clear from the outset that what has faced Dr Issam Hijjawi is nothing less than blatant human rights abuses by British Military Intelligence.

The IRPWA stand firm in support of our imprisoned comrades and will oppose the continued MI5 involvement in Maghaberry gaol.

We also call on all those concerned with human rights abuses and injustices to rightly show their support for Dr Issam Hijjawi.


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