Breithlá Shona Chairman Mao!

‘Only by achieving national liberation will it be possible for the proletariat and other working people to achieve their own emancipation.’ – Chairman Mao

Breithlá Shona Chairman Mao Zedong. Today Socialist Republicans celebrate the birth of the Great Leader of the Chinese Revolution, which defeated imperialism in China and then native Counter Revolutions before embarking on the Socialist Construction of Red China. In the process of the war for National Liberation and the subsequent fight against Counter Revolution, Chairman Mao devised the universal military line of the Proletariat, Protracted People’s War, which continues to be the strategy of the actually existing Revolutions in the world today, in Peru, India, Turkey and the Philippines.

Like Commandant General James Connolly, Chairman Mao was clear that the struggle for National Liberation and the Class Struggle were the same fight, and his writings and teachings on Socialism and Warfare have been studied by Republican POWs as far back as the border campaign in the 1950s. On the 128th of Chairman Mao’s birth, we urge all Republicans and Revolutionaries in Ireland to study his works and to apply them to the concrete material conditions in Ireland today and strengthen our struggle for National Liberation and Socialist Revolution.

As we celebrate the birth of Chairman Mao, Socialist Republicans also remember Chairman Gonzalo, the Great Leader of the Revolution in Peru and a staunch supporter of Irish National Liberation, who was murdered in his underground Gaol cell by the reactionary Peruvian State on September 11 this year.

In applying the teachings of Chairman Mao to the concrete conditions of Peru, Chairman Gonzalo demonstrated that these teachings are universal, and applicable to all countries at all times, in accordance with the specific conditions of each country and each Revolution. Through the fire of the People’s War in Peru, Chairman Gonzalo developed this teachings to a new and higher stage and outlined a strategy for both National Liberation and the construction of a new Revolutionary power that should be studied by all who are serious about the business of Revolution.

‘The national liberation movement is grounded on the international proletarian movement and these two forces propel the development of world history.’ -Chairman Gonzalo

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