Anti Imperialist Day of Action in Waterford

On Saturday January 15, comrades from AIA Waterford and other AIA comrades from elsewhere in the country converged on Waterford City for a day of action.

The day started started with leafleting and a vigil in Red Square in support of Palestinian Political prisoner and General Secretary for the Popular Front for the Liberation Of Palestine Ahmad Sa’adat who has been imprisoned for 20 years, spending over 3 years in solitary confinement in Zionist and the puppet “Palestinian Authority” gaols.

We call for his immediate release and and end to the Zionist entity in full. Our leafleting was well received, with people promising to light a candle for Ahmed as well as understanding the strong connection and parallels between the Irish and Palestinian struggles.

After this, comrades went about putting up posters calling for Sa’adat’s freedom as well as posters highlighting the anniversary of Bloody Sunday and calling for the end of the ongoing British Occupation in Ireland. This activism also took people’s interest, who asked questions and showed support for our message.

We also put up posters for our “Housing For The People” campaign protesting the ongoing class war being waged against the Irish people by Irish, British and International capitalists and hedge funds.

For the final Act of the Day, Comrades demonstrated Solidarity with the League of Poor Peasants in Brazil who are currently leading an Agrarian Revolution to take back the land for the People. Viva A LCP!

Waterford stands with the LCP and the Agrarian Revolution In Brazil

Anti-Imperialist Action Ireland stands firmly in favour of National Liberation at home and abroad as well as standing against class oppression of the workers the world over. If you are living in Waterford or the surrounding area and want join the fight then get in contact today.

For National Liberation and Socialist Revolution- Join the Resistance.

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