A Working Class Response to Fascism

Some questions that should be posed to the fascists attempting to take advantage of concerns in working class communities.’

What solutions have you ever offered the working class in relation to the artificially created housing crisis, soaring energy prices, the capitalist rise in cost of living, the lack of jobs, training and education opportunities, the deliberate destruction of our health and public services, the decades of deliberate neglect and marginalisation by the state, the partition and occupation of our country by foreign imperialist powers (the real foreign threat), the changing of the balance of power from the golden circle to the people?

You call yourselves patriots. What role have you played in the ongoing struggle for National Liberation in our country? You know, the one where real patriots have sacrificed their lives and their liberty for the freedom of Ireland and the working class?

We know what your leaders have done. Justin Barrett and James Reynolds were in Fine Gael, the Blueshirts, the anti-Republican party that has been in the pocket of British Imperialism since 1922. Some patriots. And Hermann Kelly was being educated in a university well known for links with MI5, before becoming the lap-dog of Nigel Farage and the most aggressive form of British imperialism and chauvinism. Maybe we misunderstood. When you call yourselves ‘patriots’ is it British patriots you mean? Again, no friends of the working class.

As British patriots, is that why Free State fascist organisations are consistently developing closer and closer links with loyalist death squads and the British far right? The same death squads that kill innocent Irish citizens on behalf of British imperialism and the same British far-right that ran campaigns of hate against Irish immigrants under the banner ‘No blacks, no dogs, no Irish!’ Are you being directed by MI5 to develop these links and act in alliance against Irish National Liberation? Justin and Hermann certainly have form.

Understanding that Irish people, due to 850 years of ongoing oppression, have a long history of emigration, where our people have suffered racism, violence and exploitation; Why protest against centres housing vulnerable asylum seekers fleeing war-torn and destitute countries, seeking international protection, instead of against those who are really creating the problems, namely the Free State administration, British, European and US Imperialism, NATO, the capitalist class and in particular landlords? Is it because you are in fact in alliance with these same powers and view yourselves very much as part of their club?

No answers? We thought so.

Fascists have nothing to offer the working class. They are pro-establishment, pro-imperialist, pro-landlord and have no base in our communities. We won’t let them get one now.

The Irish people have always been proudly anti-imperialist and anti-fascist. Let us be proud of that tradition and not allow our fighting spirit to be hijacked by far-right lies online or the fascist boot boys serving the agenda of those in power.

Full consultation with the community when asylum seekers and refugees are to be housed in an area is a must! No more lies. Information takes away fear and consultation, information and communication will lead to genuine integration. Resourcing is needed in all communities where asylum seekers and refugees are to be housed. Housing for all, training and education opportunities, funding for schools, sports clubs, healthcare and other community services are a must and are a legitimate set of demands from working class communities.

Working class communities have genuine concerns. Anger at the cost of living, the housing crisis, the collapse of our healthcare system and being ignored by those in power for generations have led to anger coming to boiling point. But that anger must be channeled in the right way. Our communities won’t be fixed by targeting vulnerable asylum seekers, refugees or migrants and that only serves the agenda of those in power as a distraction from the real issues.

The working class need a united front to fight against our exploitation by those in power. The anger and protests need to be directed at those in Leinster House, and Stormont, against the multinationals and international imperialism. Against the landlords, the energy companies, the fascists and the far right agitators. Building such a movement is the task for all of us who believe in an Ireland owned and controlled by the people, in the Republic proclaimed in 1916.

And remember, if anyone is calling for protests against asylum seekers or scapegoating refugees or migrants, they are serving the interests of those in power and should be isolated and unwelcome in our communities. Let’s focus on our real enemies and not allow ourselves to be divided and conquered by those in power!

For a United Working Class – Ireland for the People – All of the People!

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