Anti Imperialist Action Munster Remove Dangerous Drugs from the Community

Following a serious incident members of Anti Imperialist Action Munster were contacted by concerned parents and residents within a small community, who were extremely worried about ongoing anti-social behaviour and drug dealing in the area.

Our members listened to the concerns, and fears expressed and this community felt that as the issues raised were not against property of the State or developers including rack rent landlords, that the forces of the State were ignoring their appeals for help, especially around the issue of drug dealing.

The attitude that drug dealing is everywhere and a fact of life in ghettoised communities and that the under resourced services just can’t cope are a pathetic attempt at excusing the lack of care the State and its organs have for the working class and their communities.

We believe that the ongoing epidemic of substance misuse in our communities is a direct result of the lack of a wide variety of services for communities and families suffering it’s ill effects, the second strand to the ongoing ability of “low level” drug dealing is the mindset by the State that they are an intrinsic part of the intelligence gathering apparatus of the State, caught with “small” amounts these dealers are released back into the community and allow to continue death dealing if they will supply information on others within their dealers network and or others within the community with whom the State has issues, political and social activists being the main targets of such low intensity operations.

Our members acted upon the information of the community and removed a quantity of prescription medication hidden in an area around a children’s playground, these were subsequently disposed of using a medically approved system for the medications and items were likely to be of an extreme risk to health and life.

These prescription medications can be life threatening if a child ingests them, they are also a risk if mixed with other substances.
Quetiapine Increased risk of death due to dementia-related psychosis. Increased risk of suicidal thoughts.

Venlafaxine is contraindicated if it causes worsening suicidal ideation, depression, anxiety, and psychosis. Caution is advisable in heart failure patients, hyperthyroidism, and those with recent myocardial infarctions as it can raise blood pressure and increase heart rate

Anti-Imperialist Action like other Irish Republican groups not only recognise the threat that drug dealers pose to our communities but also the use of such individuals by the State.

Revolutionary Republicans will always stand with the Community!

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