This week, NATO troops will be in Cork, to provide training and make an assessment of the Military capabilities of 130 members of the Free State Army’s Engineer Corps.

The assesment of Free State troops by NATO is to ensure that the soldiers are up to NATO’s standards when fighting in their imperialist battle groups.

While the Free State is not a member of NATO, it is considered a ‘NATO Partner’, and takes part in NATO’s misnamed Partnership for Peace operations.

This comes at a time when NATO occupues 6 Irish Counties through British Imperialism, and Shannon Airport through US Imperialism, and when the Majority of Irish People are opposed to any presence of NATO in our country.

In recent years and particularly months, NATO has openly operated in Ireland. This issue cannot be ignored. The imperialist war mongers have our youth in their sights and they must be resisted at all costs!

Irish Republicans Against NATO!

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