New Ross Remembers our Hunger Strikers

On Saturday August 19th, Anti Imperialist Action activists along with Republicans from across Wexford, Carlow and Wicklow gathered in the heart of Ros Mhic Thriúin to remember the Hunger Strikers.

The vigil marked the anniversary of Mickey Devine.

The Hunger Strike Vigil attracted massive support from local Ross people, suportong the banners on display, one of the banners read Resist British Rule’

Following the vigil a speech which was delivered by an AIA South Leinster activist. The speaker asked what answer do we give to British tyranny and British oppression? This was answered by a Wexford Republican who doused a Butchers Apron in petrol and burned it in an act of defiance against Brit Imperialism.

The speaker then read out the IRA and INLA Hunger Strikers Roll of Honour.

To close the vigil the speaker read out the three names of the Wexford Hunger Strikers:
Volunteer Joseph Whitty
Volunteer Joseph Lacey
Volunteer Richard Hume

Republicanism is alive in Ross!

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