Leila Khaled Addresses Public Meeting in Dublin

On Thursday March 7, Revolutionary Icon and leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine Leila Khaled addressed a Public Meeting in Dublin.

The meeting which was organised by Anti Imperialist Action Ireland to celebrate International Working Women’s Day, saw Lelia Khaled address the Revolutionary gathering by video message, just as the news was breaking that reactionary elements in Britain had forced the cancellation of a similar address to British activists, planned for March 8.

In an inspirational message Lelia Khaled gave an update on the current situation, expressed solidarity to all supporters of Palestine in Europe and urged them to continue to take to the streets in support of the Palestinian People and Resistance to put the pressure on international imperialism and Zionism to end the Genocide. Khaled also called for supporters of Palestine to up the pressures i their own counties in support of Palestine and the importance of the ICJ case against Zionism. Khaled’s message that the Palestinian people are united in their fight for their homeland and freedom had a deep impact on all those in attendance as the link to the ongoing struggle for liberation in Ireland was clear.

That such a leading Palestinian Revolutionary was able to and took the time to address a Republican meeting to celebrate the role of women in Revolution was a massive honour for Anti Imperialist Action Ireland and for all involved in organising and attending the meeting and we express our heartfelt thanks to both Lelia Khaled and the PFLP.

AIA will continue to do all we can to support the Palestinian People, their Resistance and our comrades in the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. As the PFLP and the other Resistance groups have shown it is only through the United Front, leading the revolutionary armed struggle, that the people can be mobilised for Liberation and the defeat of Imperialism. We will continue to study the lessons that the current war in Palestine has for the Revolution in Ireland and our ongoing fight for Freedom.

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