Solidarity With Iran against Zionism and Imperialism

Anti Imperialist Action Ireland commend the Iranian Republic, its Army and the Revolutionary Guard for its disciplined military action against the Zionist Entity, in response to the terrorist attack committed by Zionists at the Iranian Consulate in Damascus, Syria.

As Irish Republicans, we stand with Iran as it defends itself from the attack by Imperialism and Zionism. As a Sovereign Nation, Iran has the legitimate right to defend itself from any such attack on its citizens and territories.

Importantly, we also recognise the recent Iranian military operation as historic and of fundamental importance in the fight against Zionism and Imperialism and for the war for National Liberation in Palestine. Iran has long been an open and staunch backer of the Palestinian National Resistance, and through the work of Lieutenant General Qasem Soleimani and the Quds Force, Iran has played a major role in developing the capabilities of the Palestinian National Resistance, which allowed it go on the offensive against Zionism on October 7 with the launch of the Al Aqsa Flood.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine welcomed the military action by Iran calling the operation ‘pivotal’ and has stated, ‘that the unprecedented Iranian strikes, the first of their kind in history against the Zionist Entity, represent an important turning point in the battle of the Al Aqsa Flood and in favour of the Resistance Factions’.

The military action taken by Iran against the Zionist Entity has demonstrated that Imperialism’s puppet state in the Middle East, in the words of the General Secretary of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, ‘is weaker than the spiders web’. Despite the efforts of the Zionist Military, the US and British Imperialists who scrambled their air forces in the region and the actions of the traitor’s regime in Jordan, the Iranian action still managed to strike at several Zionist Military Installations in Occupied Palestine in an operation that cost the Zionists billions in a failed attempt to ward off.

The military actions taken by Iran were legitimate. The threats emanating from Zionism and British and US Imperialism since then are illegitimate and nothing short of war mongering in an attempt to destabilise the entire Middle East to serve the interests of Imperialism. Anti Imperialist Action Ireland therefore calls on all Irish Republicans, Socialists and Anti Imperialists around the world to stand with Iran and the axis of Resistance in the fight against Imperialism and Zionism. Stand up to defend the sovereignty of Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq Yemen and Iran against the same enemies who cooperate in the interests of International Imperialism to deny Ireland’s National Sovereignty.

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