AIA Supports Ardoyne- No Orange Marches!

Anti Imperialist Action Ireland extends our Solidarity to the People of Ardoyne and North Belfast following the announcement the the Orange Order has applied for a unwanted and unwelcome parade through the area at 6.30pm on the 12th of July.

The Orange Order is a sectarian, fascist organisation that restricts its membership on the basis of Religious Fundamentalism and wants to march through Republican and Nationalist areas for no other reason then to raise sectarian tension and engage in triumphantist coat trailing.

The people of Ardoyne do not want this Parade and AIA supports them in this position.

We also welcome the announcement from the Greater Ardoyne Residents Coalition that they will oppose and protest against any Orange march through their Community. We call on all Republicans to support GARC and the Ardoyne Community if this sectarian Orange march goes ahead.

Orange Order Out of Our Communities- No Orange Marches!

Britain Out Of Ireland

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