The Letter They Refused to Print- Boycott Westminster!

As part of AIA’s Boycott Westminster Campaign, the following letter was submitted to a number of corporate media outlets in the Occupied Six Counties outlining the basis of the Boycott Campaign. In an act of blatant censorship, The Irish News, the Belfast Media Group, the Belfast Telegraph and the Newsletter all refused to print it. Today AIA publishes it on full and urges all Republicans to read it and share it around.

Boycott Westminster- Resist British Rule!

A Chara,

Anti Imperialist Action Ireland is urging Republicans and Nationalists across the six counties to Boycott the forthcoming Westminster election on July 4.

Irish Republicans have long upheld the principle of Abstentionism from Westminster, because we believe that Britain has no right to be in Ireland and that the Westminster Parliament has no right to exercise Sovereignty over any part of Ireland.

However, the sham abstentionism of some from Westminster, while at the same time accepting funding and offices in the British Parliament, administering British rule from the colonial parliament at Stormont and giving full support to the RUC/PSNI, means that Republicans must now develop the position of abstentionism further, to ensure it remains a revolutionary position.

A boycott, not only of taking seats in Westminster, but also of the elections to that institution, is the development of abstentionism that AIA advocates for all Republicans to take up today. A vote in the Westminster election serves to legitimise British rule, therefore a boycott of the election can serve to delegitimise British rule in Ireland. If in building this campaign over the next few years the turn out in Westminster elections can be driven below 50%, it would represent a significant rejection of the British Occupation and an important strengthening of the Republican position.

Boycotting the Westminster Election is a simple and passive way that Republicans and Nationalists across the six counties can resist British Rule without leaving the comfort of their own homes.

Take a stand for a 32 County Republic on July 4- Don’t Vote.

Is mise, le meas

Seamus Kelly
National PRO
Anti Imperialist Action Ireland.

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