Brit Navy Get Out Of Ireland

Irish Socialist Republicans have consistently highlighted and protested against the presence of the British Navy in Irish Costal waters and ports.

The Brit Navy has been making regular unwanted incursions into Irish Waters and more and more frequent visits to Irish Ports.

In April Irish Socialist Republicans highlighted the presence of a number of British Warships of the coast of Howth, North County Dublin.

Information has now been released to confirm that three Brit Navy Ships were “training” in the waters off Dublin in April.

The Warships in question were the HMS Explorer, Archer and Example, all crewed by British Military terrorists.

Permission for this Imperialist military exercise was granted by Blueshirt Minster Simon Coveney, demonstrating, beyond any doubt, the Free State’s ongoing subservience to British Colonialism in Ireland.

This Free State subservience to Brit Imperialism is further highlighted by the fact that Free State Naval personnel trained with the Brit War Machine during this incursion into sovereign Irish Waters

HMS Explorer

Last year Irish Socialist Republicans exposed that there is a secret agreement between the Free State and Britain that gives the RAF control of sovereign Irish Airspace, supposedly under the pretence of “Defence”.

Irish Socialist Republicans further assert that the Free State has, under the terms of the same or similar secret agreement, handed control over the “defence” of Irish costal Waters to British Imperialism.

The sovereign Waters of Ireland have become a playground for Imperialism. If it’s not EU trawlers robbing and raping our fishing stocks, doing untold damage to the natural underwater environment, it is the Brit Military engaging in “training excerises” off the coast of Dublin, once again using Ireland to hone its terrorist skills, with the full support and participation of the Free State.

The Free State has complied with it’s master to allow Britannia rule the Irish Wave!

Britain continues to illegally occupy Six Irish Counties and it’s War Machine has no right to be in any part of Ireland and should get out now.

Irish Socialist Republicans will continue to highlight and challenge the presence of the Brit War Machine in any part of Ireland.

Such Imperialist incursions can only be prevent through the rebuilding of the All Ireland Socialist Republic.

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