Britain’s Secret ‘Royal’ Visits expose the Semi Colonial Nature of the Free State

While there is usually widespread coverage in the Garrison Media at the increasing number of annual visits to Ireland by Charles Windsor and his offspring, very little attention is given in the same columns to the sinister activities of his sister Anne.

Brit Imperialist Anne Windsor with the Irish Lights

Brit Imperialist Anne Windsor with the Irish Lights
Irish Socialist Republicans can today reveal that as 3 British Warships engaged in manoeuvres in the seas off Dublin in April, Anne Windsor, Britain’s so-called ‘Princess Royal’ was on a hushed-up visit to Dublin, making stops in the harbour towns of Howth and Dún Laoghaire.

There are even local reports coming into us from Howth, of the English Royal being ferried out from the Harbour to one of the British Warships. Could this be the real reason behind there presence in Irish Waters?

The purpose of Anne Windsors visit was to ‘inspect’ the lighthouses around Dublin and to meet with the commissioners of the Irish Lights in Dún Laoghaire.

You might rightly ask yourself why a British Royal was inspecting Irish Lighthouses and having private meetings with the commissioners of the Irish Lights. The answer is deeply troubling and exposes the deeply semi-colonial nature of the Free State.

As the Master of Trinity House, Anne Windsor is in charge of all Lighthouses under the control of British Imperialism.

As the Irish Lights is an All Ireland body, and as Six Irish Counties continue to be illegally occupied by Britain, the Irish Lights has a direct link to Anne Windsor in her role as the Master of Trinity House.

In further exposing the semi-colonial nature of the Free State, Irish Socialist Republicans can reveal that the Irish Lights gets a section of its funding from the British Imperialist Government and from a special joint Irish/British lighthouse fund raised through taxing commercial ships entering British and Irish ports, known as the General Lighthouse Fund (GLF)

The following is from the Irish Lights website:

“We are funded from three sources:

Light dues are collected from commercial ships arriving into Irish and UK ports and paid into the General Lighthouse Fund (GLF) for the UK and Ireland. The Revenue Commissioners Customs & Excise division collects the light dues in the Republic of Ireland and the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers has this responsibility for Northern Ireland.
The Irish Government contribute to the fund under a formula agreed between the Irish and UK governments.
Funds generated by our commercial activities.”
The same website goes on to reveal that the key stakeholders in the Irish Lights include:

“The UK and Irish Governments through all-island delivery of SOLAS Convention requirements”

It is clear then, that Perfidious Albion continues to exert a very real Imperialist control over Irish Maritime Affairs and that the secret visits to Ireland by Anne Windsor are of key importance to the interests of British Imperialism in Ireland.

The Free State it seems is not very Free at all

Irish Socialist Republicans assert that the lighthouses of Ireland provide a fundamental public service and must be under the public ownership and democratic control of the Irish People

Brit Imperialist interfere in our waterways, ports and maritime infrastructure must be immediately ended.

The secret alliance between the semi-colonial free state and Britain that has given the Imperialist power control of our waterways, ports and Maritime infrastructure must be exposed and ended

Britain has no right to be in Ireland and the visits by Engly Royals, the incursions by the Brit War Machine and the Imperialist interference in our resources and infrastructure will continue to be highlighted and challenged by Irish Socialist Republicans.

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