The following is part 3 of a series of personal opinion pieces by Irish Socialist Republican Seán Doyle, discussion the need for revolutionaries to break with electoralism and reformism, and try new approaches to rebuild the All- Ireland Socialist Republic.

I have chosen construction terms as a fitting example to explain my view of the circumstances that prevail at the moment and the serious decisions we need to make to build our revolutionary movement.

As I have covered in part 1 and 2 the experiences and methods applied in the past to undermine and collapse the sham electoral system of Leinster House and Stormont have through no fault or lack of effort on behalf of our predecessors abysmally failed.

Drawing on their experience we are in the privileged position with hindsight to radically change tactics and start building the foundation for our revolutionary movement.

Time is of the essence! I’m going to be blunt and use the sledgehammer.

Participation in the electoral system was and is a big mistake. It only legitimises the illegitimate Leinster House and Stormont. Instead of undermining and hollowing them out it only increased people’s involvement and planted the mindset that our rights and justice and equal distribution of wealth was obtainable by casting votes. Worse still recognising Leinster House and Stormont as the ultimate power and not the people.


Some people’s dream is the revolutionaries night mare with far reaching consequences, although some well intentioned only gives momentarily relief. It inadvertently puts a human face on what is quite simply cannibalism but also for others that believe chipping away at it will weaken it’s grip. In my opinion unfortunately they are also wrong. The exercise is no more than cosmetic.

To use building terms yet again reformism are the pillars that hold up Leinster House and Stormont or to address it as the foundation instead of hollowing out the foundation to weaken it, to lead to the collapse of the buildings.

Reformism is strengthening it. If you have a weak foundation you can carry out what’s called underpinning. Dig underneath in specified locations and pour concrete pods. That is the end result of reform.

Reformism is the elephant in the room and it needs to be addressed and clearly understood as there are some misguided people. As for others they must be exposed as the pillars or foundation of the illegitimate statelets.

As I said in part 1 there’s no stepping stone from reform to revolution they are two incompatible strands. Since the suppression of the people’s government democratically elected in the Mansion House and our mandate of 1919 The Democratic Programme of The People’s Republic was scuppered and replaced by the collaborators and the British treaty to form The Free State Committee.

Our history bears testimony to this. Liam Mellows said and warned “you cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear”. Since 1922 the electoral system has been engaged in to a lesser or greater extent in the 26 and occupied 6 counties to no avail other than to preserve the two statelets and vindicate their existence.

                                         THAT MUST STOP!!

New ways must be found commencing with the formation of revolutionary councils within our communities, changing the mindset from subserviency to assertiveness. What is there to think about?

                                        BURN OUR BRIDGES!!

The past history of electoralism is only relevant to remind us never to go back to it. As for fear of failure that also belongs in the past. Let’s get to grips with reality. Since 1922 we have had 97 years of abysmal failure to achieve our goals.

It is clear and straight-forward, no ambuguity if you are for our people’s republic. You must not directly or indirectly support and prolong the existence of illegitimate undemocratic imposed statelets.

We must consolidate, engage, challenge ourselves and particularly uncorrupted young minds open to explore possibilities and potential and start building the foundation for the revolution and reclaim our 32 county socialist republic.

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