Brave Billy McKee

  • A tribute to Volunteer Billy McKee, written by an Irish socialist Republican, on hearing of death 12/6/19

Brave Billy McKee, the guerrilla leader, is now gone,

But for the cause that he served, the struggle goes on,

The fight must continue, until we are free,

That’s the sole tribute fitting for Billy McKee.

Let his courage inspire us, in the hard days ahead,

He’d seen them before, but he ne’er bowed his head,

For the All-Ireland Republic, we must make a stand,

The power to rebuild her, rests in our hands.

So take up the message of Billy McKee,

The path of resistance, is our road to victory,

Not by Stormont Westminster or Leinster House be misled,

We are out for our Republic, and we will win her in the end.

Slán go fóil Billy, you sleep with our Fenian Dead,

You left us great example in the revolutionary life you led,

All new generations, will honour your name,

with the soldiers of Ireland, when our Republic is reclaimed.

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