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There has been a concerted effort to remove Anti Imperialist Action from Social Media, a campaign that included calls in Leinster House and a series of articles and editorial in British red tops in Ireland 

But the unrepentant voice of Irish Socialist Republicanism will not be silenced on or off Facebook. 

Yesterday the Diary of Bobby Sands was removed from our platform. We demand a review and the post has been returned. The reactionary forces that continue to attack our platform do so in vain.

Anti Imperialist Action Ireland is building a Socialist Republican Mass Organisation across Ireland, with support in England Scotland, Wales, Europe and North America. 

Our revolutionary strategy and activism to rebuild the All Ireland People’s Republic is resonating with the Socialist Republican Base in all four provinces and we are growing across the country as a result. 

In the coming days and weeks Anti Imperialist Action Ireland will be announcing a number of important developments, key milestones in the rebuilding of the All Ireland Revolutionary Movement that will demonstrate our serious in successfully completing the struggle for National Liberation and Socialist Revolution.

Now is the time to join the Revolutionary Movement. Now is the time to start organising in your community to build alternative Republican, Working Class Power Structures, the Resistance Committees, the Centers of Resistance and the Revolutionary Councils that will become the modern, functioning institutions of the All Ireland People’s Republic, under the democratic control of the Working Class. 

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