All Ireland Freeze on Loan, Rent and Mortgage Payments Now!

Anti Imperialist Action is demanding there is an immediate freeze on all loan, rent and mortgage payments for the duration of the crisis, to alleviate the hardship of Workers, Families and Communities.

The Free State and British Imperialism in Ireland have failed to mount a proper response to the virus. Communities must step in and replace the failures of the old states with the positive action of organised Working Class Communities.

Failure to implement an All Ireland freeze on Loan Rent and Mortgage Payments, should be met with a National Rent and Mortgage Strike for the duration of the crisis.

Already Workers are being laid off or are facing reduced hours. No worker should be out of pocket or in financial difficulty as a result of a crisis we did not create.

The common sense approach is to suspend all loans, Rent and Mortgages payments, and failing such action by the Garrison Class, the Working Class should build a mass All Ireland Rent and Mortgage Strike, withholding payments to ensure we can continue to provide food and essentials for our Families.

Anti Imperialist Action is encouraging communities to get organised on a street by street basis to respond to this crisis. We call on Communities to be vigilant and be ready to respond any attempted evictions during this period.

Anti Imperialist Action is calling on the Working Class to Unite and:

  1. Discuss a community response to the virus with your family friends and neighbors to ensure the spread of accurate information to combat scaremongering
  2. Organise on a street by street basis, forming residents committeon each street in the community to be prepared for a local outbreak of the virus
  3. Begin to buy a little extra non perishable foods, medicine and toiletries, in your weekly shopping which can be shared with your neighbors in the event of a shutdown or shortages. This can be coordinated through the street committees, to ensure all essentials are being bought and everyone is not buying the same items.
  4. Speak to your elderly neighbors to ensure they are not isolated and living in fear.
  5. Come together as a community to confront anyone who attempts to exploit our people through increasing prices due to the virus scare and Organise against anti social elements that may attempt to use any shutdown to prey on the vulnerable including any attempts at economic resistance .
  6. Contact Anti Imperialist Action for more information or for assistance getting organised on your street to prepare for the virus.

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