Open All Vacant Housing Units Across Ireland Now!

Anti Imperialist Action Ireland is demanding the immediate opening of all vacant housing units across the 32 Counties to house our growing homeless community in the face of the spread of the Coronavirus. 

The homeless are particularly vulnerable to this virus and immediate steps should be taken to provide long term housing solutions to protect these citizens. 

There is no housing shortage in Ireland. The problem is capitalism. There are literally hundreds of thousands of vacant homes across Ireland, lying empty, while private landlords and the Garrison Class engineer a ‘housing crisis’ extort more profit from our people. 

Along with our demand for a rent and mortgage payment freeze, Anti Imperialist Action is demanding all vacant housing units, publicly or privately owned, are immediately opened and made available free of charge to the tens of thousands of homeless families across Ireland.

This is a reasonable demand. If the Garrison Class fails to meet this demand, the Working Class must act and open empty housing units ourselves, to prevent the mass deaths of our homeless citizens.

This is a class war. We are not all in this together regardless of what the Capitalist says. History has shown that ‘Therich will always betray the poor’, and this crisis will be no different. Faced with the All Ireland failure of British Imperialism and Free State Counter Revolution to act to stop of the virus the Working Class must now come together as a Class, to act in our own interests and to defend our families and communities.

Only through combatting and actively resisting the forces of capitalism and imperialism across Ireland, can we ensure the interests of the working class are advanced. It’s time to take on the Capitalist Parasites. 

If the Garrison Class fails to make the hundreds of thousands of empty homes available to our homeless, then the Irish Working Class must be ready to take direct action. As James Connolly once asserted, the rallying cry of our class must be, ‘we believe in revolutionary action in exceptional times. These are exceptional times.’

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