The Week in Struggle

Irish Socialist Republicans across Ireland have continued to agitate, educate and organise for National Liberation and Socialist Revolution. The following is a summary of activism in recent days:

All Ireland Rent and Mortgage Strike!

Irish Socialist Republicans have continued to take to the streets to raise the Popular demand for an All Ireland Rent and Mortgage strike, with graffiti appearing on walls across the country. With the collapse of capitalism deepening and crisis of imperialism sharpening, an All Ireland Rent and Mortgage Strike is a viable weapon for the working class to fight parasitic landlords and vulture banks

Helen Bölek Ölumsüzdür!

Anti Imperialist Activists demonstrated solidarity with the Martyred Grup Yorum band member Helin Bölek, who was murdered by Turkish Fascism after a 288 day Hungerstrike

Youth Activism

Macradh-ISR Youth activists took to the streets of Working Class Communities in south west Dublin, taking the Socialist Republican and Anti Fascist position to the people through an ongoing stickering campaign.


Anti Imperialist Action continues its All Ireland recruitment drive with our posters appearing across the 32 counties. If you want to get involved in the fight for the All Ireland People’s Republic, the fight for National Liberation and Socialist Revolution, then join us and email

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