Take back Irish Sovereignty- End British and EU Imperialism in Ireland!

Anti Imperialist Action have once again spelt out their total opposition to imperialism as British and European Capitalism continues to argue over who owns and controls Ireland. 
Both Imperialist states are playing games in Ireland, games which can only result in more exploitation and further oppression of the Irish People. 

The EU are demanding clarification details from Britain on their plans for customs checks and procedures required for moving goods between Britain and British Occupied Ireland after the current transition stage expires. This is all part of the so called ‘Irish protocol’ contained within the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement. 

The protocol demands that checks and controls be carried out on goods crossing the Irish Sea into the Occupied 6 Counties to protect the EU’s single market. 
The Imperialists in the EC Executive – European Commission, state that on the 1st of June customs databases and IT systems need to be in operation in partitioned Ireland and Britain to support the movement of trade and for capitalism to survive under Brexit.

There is also ongoing dialogue regarding a growing disagreement between both Imperialist states over the setting up of a physical EU customs office in Belfast to replace the EU Commissions office. The British governments imperialist view is that a physical EU office in British Occupied Ireland is “tantamount to an infringement of British sovereignty.

Once again the capitalist games been played out here in Ireland will benefit the rich elite and not the Working Class, as the real reason behind these discussions mask the truth which is the implementation of a Capitalist Free Trade deal between Britain and the EU. 

Anti Imperialist Action oppose all interference from Britain and the EU in Irish affairs and call on Britain to disengage from Ireland .

AIA also call for an Irexit, for Ireland to leave the imperialist EU and for the Irish People alone to manage their own affairs as we proceed to the re-establishment of the Peoples Republic that was driven underground by counter revolutionaries in 1922.

Our enemies should recall that Irish Socialist Republicanism is guided by such revolutionaries as Commadant General Liam Mellows who stated,

“The Irish Republic represents Independence and the struggle has a threefold significance. It is political, it is intellectual, it is economic. It is political in the sense that it means complete separation from England and the British Empire. It is intellectual in as much as it represents the cultural expression of the Gaelic civilisation and the removal of the impress of English speech and English thought upon the Irish character. It is economic because the wresting of Ireland from the grip of English capitalism can leave no thinking Irishman with the desire to build up and perpetuate this country an economic system that had its roots in foreign domination. 

Ireland does not want a change of master. It would be folly to destroy English tyranny in order to erect a domestic tyranny that would need another revolution to free the people. The Irish Republic stands therefore for the ownership of Ireland by the people of Ireland. It means that the means and process of production must not be used for the profit or aggrandisment of any group or class.”

Mellows also said 

‘If the Irish people do not control Irish industries, transport, money and the soil of the country then foreign or domestic capitalists will. And whoever controls the wealth of this country and the processes by which wealth is attained, controls also its government. 

Ireland, if her industries and banks were controlled by foreign capital, would be at the mercy of every breeze that ruffled the surface of the world’s money-markets. If social capitalism flourished a social war such as now threatens practically every country in Europe would ensue. Ireland therefore must start with a clean slate. The Irish Republic is the People’s Republic.” 

Onwards to a Socialist Republic. 

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