Far Right Confronted and Humiliated in Dublin

On Saturday August 8, the Far Right were confronted by a United Front of Republicans and Anarchists and humiliated on the streets of Dublin.

As Republicans and other progressives gathered at a rally on O’Connell Bridge to mark the anniversary of the introduction of Internment by Britain in 1971, organised by Saoradh, a small group of far right began a march from the GPO to RTÉ.

As the far right reached the Bridge they found the way was blocked by the United Front of Republicans and Anarchists with no way through.

As skirmishing broke out to route the racist march, the Free State Police were quick to come to the aid of the far right and attempt to push the march through. A running battle developed from the bridge up Fleet Street with s number of prominent Far right thugs being left with bruises and reports that one racist was left with a broken arm.

As the free state police attempted and failed to kettle anti fascists, two male thugs of the National Party attacked a lone woman, knocking her to the ground and spitting on her. This is the behavior fascists are well known for.

Regrouping from the attack by the Free State Police, Anti Fascists then made their way to the GPO were another tiny sect of the far right were preeching hate.

Completely outnumbered, the far right had their sound system confiscated and during the confrontation there megaphones ended up smashed. Most of the small racist group at the GPO ran again to the Free State police for protection, with van loads of the riot squad arriving to confront anti fascists.

Saturday’s Action by a number of Republican groups and anarchists left the far right humiliated and taking to the internet to express how they fear confrontations with Republicans.

The far right know as well as we do that it has always been Republicans that have run them off the streets and back under their rocks and the same will be true today.

Saturday demonstrates that when Republicans choose to confront the far right, there is only ever one outcome.

Socialist Republicans will continue to confront and humiliate the far right when and where we choose.

No Pasaran.

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