#OurMandate #OurRepublic- Brits Out Now!

The ongoing and illegal British Occupation of Ireland is the source of all the problems faced by the Irish Working Class.

The illegal occupation enforces Partition on our Country and upholds the exploitative systems of Capitalism and Imperialism on the Irish Working Class.

While the 6 counties are under direct military occupation by over 5,000 full combat British troop, over 9,000 paramilitary police and hundreds of spooks and spies, backed up by loyalist death squads, the 26 County Free State is administered as a Semi Colony in the interests of British Imperialism, with a semi colonial administration at Leinster House that ensures the Irish Working Class, our wealth and resources are available for exploitation by Britain and its imperialist allies.

Policing in all 32 counties is controlled by British Imperialism through MI5 while maritime and air defence in All of Ireland our airspace and seas is controlled by Britain.

Britain remains in almost complete imperialist control of Ireland in 2020 and all the social and economic issues facing our people arise directly from this imperialist occupation

The Irish People have been resisting British rule for more then 800 years. In the day 20 years many have been tricked that the occupation is coming to an end. But even a brief look at the facts about demonstrates it is as strong as ever.

In order to rebuild the All Ireland People’s Republic we need an All Ireland campaign against British Imperialism, a campaign that tackles the military occupation and partition of our country while at the same time building the Socialist Republican Alternative to tackle the horrors of Capitalism and Imperialism in Ireland.

The liberation of the Working Class and the rebuilding of the Socialist Republic can only be achieved through a mass campaign that forces a British Withdrawal from Ireland! This is the process through which the working class will come to power and end partition, exploitation and oppression.

This is #OurMandate, This is #OurRepublic!

For National Liberation and Socialist Revolution- Brits Out Now!

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