British control of the Far Right in Ireland

The far right is controlled and financed by British imperialism     

Síol na hÉireann (SnahÉ) with Niall McConnell as leader is a fascist organisation which was set up by Scottish loyalist Jim Dowson. SnahÉ sell t-shirts on their website of Eoin O’Duffy, the leader of the Blueshirt movement from the 1930s with the slogan ‘Unrepentant Fascist Bastard’.   

Jim Dowson is a former member of the Orange Order and the main fundraiser for the British National Party (BNP) during the 2000s. Dowson also set up Protestant Coalition on the back of the loyalist flag protests in Belfast and also set up Britain First of which loyalist Jolene Bunting was affiliated.   

Dowson is a regular on McConnell Youtbe channel. He has also had former member of the National Front and BNP Nick Griffin as a regular guest and also Jayda Fransen of Britain First.   

SnahÉ use the exact same terminology and tactics as Britain First. They have held protests outside of Mosques and label immigration as a new form of colonialism and planatation.   

The fascist shrill who shrieks the loudest is Gemma O’Doherty. O’Doherty has invited former Orange Order and English Democrats members Paul Rimmer to her rallies to speak.

The English Democrats are a British imperialist party who support Soldier F and are riddled with former and current British military personnel. The English Democrats were also established by Jim Dowson.   

Gemma O’Doherty does not hide the fact and openly admits that her support comes from Britain or the ‘United Kingdom’ as she calls it and from the US.   

The National Party (NP) is named after the British National Party. They have used the same slogans and used the same emotive right wing issues as the BNP and their predecessor the National Front. The NP head of security is a former British soldier Kenneth Geary. Geary is also the Chairman of the Dublin branch of the British Royal Legion who fundraise for the British army. The NP have a nature group named after a British army unit called “Pathfinders”.      

Justin Barret is a former member of Fine Gael. The most anti-republican and anti-national party this country has seen. It emerged from the fascist Blueshirt movement who were ran off the streets of Dublin during the 1930s by Socialist Republicans.   

Barrett was involved with Jim Dowson during the 1990s. When Barrett was in Youth Defence, an anti-abortion group they gave Precious Life Soctland £50,000 in 1999. During an interview Dowson said “Youth Defence is our sister group, no, our mother group. That’s a better word”. Barrett would go on to sell Dowson the list of Irish anti-abortion supporters.   

These racist and fascist groups will attempt to set the political agenda with right wing emotive issues, anti-immigrant sentiment and racism and shift the political landscape to the Right. And leave the space for UKIP Ireland (Irish Freedom Party) to exploit.   

Irish Socialist Republicans have always opposed the European Union and continue to this day to campaign for an #IREXIT. However this opposition has to be based on the republican principles of national sovereignty, democracy and independence.

There can be no space for racism or fascist organisations to exploit the righteous opposition growing to EU membership. Racism and fascism simply divide the Irish people and divert attention away from the historical objective Irish Republicans and Socialist Republicans have.   

UKIP Ireland are the sister organisation to UKIP with the objective of the 26 counties leaving the EU in the interests of British imperialism. They simply want an Irexit to benefit the British state. The party was set up by Herman Kelly who was Nigel Farages PR.

Kelly can be seen leading the Union Jack out of Brussells along with the last British MEPs. A precursor to UKIP Ireland was a short lived project called Muintir na hÉireann which was set up by an English racist.   

Another pro-British fascist organisation operating in Ireland is ‘Generation Idenitty UK & Ireland’. They constantly promote British imperial interests and completely ignore the national question that has still to be resolved in Ireland.   

A link between these groups and individuals is former British soldier Rowan Croft or Grand Torino. He has constantly given a platform to fascists and racists both in Ireland and internationally.   

The objective of British imperialism is to create a controlled opposition which will not question British occupation of Ireland and instead divert peoples attention and anger to the weakest people in society immigrants, refugees etc This is an imperative for British imperialism especially at this time when they are actively leaving the European Union. This coincides with the mi5 Operation Arbacia which targeting the leadership of the republican political party Saoradh.   

Stability is of utmost importance for the British state at the moment with Brexit an actuality. A destabilised six counties and a reinvigorated national liberation movement on its doorstep is its biggest fear. For that reason British imperialism has pulled out all the stops in order to further its influence and control over Ireland, all 32 counties.  

For this reason this is the time for republican to unite, to reject sectarianism and racism and rebuild the revolutionary movement!

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