The Red Army is a Green Army

“Deep Green Resistance” founder and environmentalist Derrick Jensen was recently interviewed by Irish Fascist YouTuber Keith Woods.

The interview involved them congratulating each other for being against transgender people, followed by some shallow attempts at class analysis, followed by some correct points on the scale of the impact industrial Capitalism is putting on the Earth and natural environment today.

Transgender activists often state that fascists target them first, and Derrick Jensen/DGR can be chalked up as evidence of that: they were calling out this organisation a decade ago.

The essentialist errors that DGR makes about what a man or woman is can be translated over to their essentialism on the Earth and nature. How else would they be in friendly agreement with a Nazi like Keith Woods?

Ecofascism maintains a romantic fantasy of nature, and a fantasy vision of patriarchal settlers in harmonious subjugation of it. Reality bursts this hallucination in multiple ways, and of course the fascists react with violent fury when the people, their ‘volk’, don’t behave as the fascist want and expect.

Deep Green Resistance’s prescription for the worldwide environmental catastrophe we are in is something they call “Decisive Ecological Warfare”. It is a crude version of ‘focoism’ at best and a call to terrorism at worst.
The DGR “strategy” to save the world reads like the simplified overview of a US military “unconventional warfare” (aka terrorism) manual that they distributed to their various fascist paramilitaries around the world since 1945.

Indeed, being potential government agents could apply on a few levels to DGR: their attempts at promoting environmental “leaderless resistance” is an ideal way for security services to entrap naive activists in compromised sabotage plots and lock them away for decades.

Currently in the UK the “spycops” enquiry is detailing ways how British MI5 agents did exactly this to British environmental, animal, anti war and other groups since the 1970s. (Of course they were doing this to Irish Republicans since the 1870s, when Special Branch itself was set up to disrupt the Fenian Brotherhood).

One figure which the Spycops Inquiry is shedding more light on is Bob Lambert: environmental theorist, proponent of “decisive ecological warfare” sabotage actions – and police infiltrator of animal rights groups since the early 80s. Someone to bear in mind when interacting with DGR.

The call for “decisive ecological warfare”/DEW by DGR stems from the (not incorrect) acknowledgement at the devastating the scale of ecological crisis that imperialist capitalism is wreaking on the world. Every year tens of billions of animals are killed and thousands of animal species are killed off/extincted, just as every year tens of millions of humans are starved or otherwise killed by capitalism, with an estimated 26 human language made extinct annually.

We are truly living in an age of extermination, and it’s no surprise that an ideology like DRG is generated from that. Neither is it a surprise that another ideology emerging from the protracted crisis of capitalism – fascism – is rearing its head again, and that these two ideologies intersect as ecofascism.

There are parallels between the movement DGR wants to inspire and the Atomwaffen wing of Nazi terrorism today. They both stem from a hopeless impotence and a hatred of the masses of the world, which results in a self-destructive violence which they say is “resistance” to “the system”.

Apart from being Satanists and paedophiles, Atomwaffen are also pagans and, according to their memes (their primary form of communication) environmentalists as well.
This is not likely true in practice, as Atomwaffen and it’s clones have not proven themselves more than a juvenile collection of losers totally infiltrated by the state and not even worthy of its patronage as a counter-gang.

Atomwaffen and other Nazi groups do hope to one day get into the same league as ISIS or AlQaeda, and their state sponsors could well have that as part of the plan.

In the meantime, they will reference a perverse fascist legacy of environmentalism dating back to the Nazis, who with their “Blood And Soil” slogans and policies were able to convert masses of peasants and small farmers into Brownshirt stormtroopers while adopting organic practices for their farms.

Fascism will continue to grow from both the ongoing capitalist crisis and the absence of a revolutionary alternative developed by the left, while DGR will continue to grow from the ongoing environmental crisis and the sad state of the “environmental movement”.

The main thrust of environmental activism in Ireland in recent years has been Extinction Rebellion, an embarrassingly middle-class pro police pro imperial movement which celebrates and tries to emulate CIA techniques of ‘Color Revolution’.

The “Green Party” in Ireland is barely worth mentioning as part of the “environmental movement”, having no principles except an instinctive embrace of opportunism and eco-capitalism.

Fortunately there is an alternative. Just a few weeks before Derrick Jensen’s interview you with Keith Woods, and the New People’s Army (NPA) of the Communist Party of the Philippines CPP confronted and convinced miners in the Negros island to stop their mining which was destroying the lands and waters, after the request of the people there.

This is just the latest environmental development that the communist insurgency in the Philippines has created. Earlier last month they forced US fruit multinational Del Monte to leave the country.

This is only one of many environmental and social successes that the protracted people’s war, still ongoing after more than 50 years, has brought the working class, peasantry, fisherfolk, national minorities and other sections of Philippine society specified by the CPP.
Another protracted people’s war ongoing for more than 50 years is in India.There also the protagonists are indigenous/adivasi poor peasants fighting against imperialism, a neo-colonial puppet state and environmentally destructive multinationals seeking the trillions of dollars worth of mineral wealth under their soil.

The Red Army is a Green army, and the struggle for existence of the peoples of the world is united with the struggle for the existence of nature and life itself under imperialist capitalism. The successful struggles waged today by communists and some of the poorest people in the world is a model for us to build towards.It defeats the lies of all the groups mentioned above: it shows the imperialist capitalists that their dominance can be broken, it shows the liberal environmentalists what real activism is, it shows the ecoterrorists that faith in the people is the real path to environmental salvation, it shows the fascists that their nihilism and hatred of the people is bound to lose.

So the challenge for people concerned with environmental and animal rights is to join revolutionary movements of the oppressed and exploited people, and to struggle for them within. These are the only revolutionary movements that have a chance of success, and they need to be broadened with people and radicals of all stripes applying the mass line and growing mass organisations.

We are running against the clock to destroy capitalism before it exterminates life on Earth. The better we apply revolutionary theory and practice, the faster capitalism will be ended. The faster capitalism is ended, the less people are starved, the less human cultures are wiped out, the less species are wiped out and the less non-human animals are slaughtered.

We struggle, sometimes harshly, against revisionist and opportunist errors – but this is never as harsh as the consequences of acting on these errors. We appeal for environmental activists who have gravitated to XR or DGR but are dissatisfied with their approach to investigate uniting with the revolutionary movements of the writing class which are correctly applying scientific socialism.

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