Brit Militia Not Welcome- RUC/PSNI Out

Brit Militia Not Welcome!

The RUC/PSNI are the shock Troops of the British Occupation. As a colonial militia their primary role is to uphold the illegal British occupation of Ireland.

As part of their function, the RUC harass all those who continue to resist the Brit presence in Ireland

Over the last forty years it was very rare to see an RUC/PSNI Patrol in a nationalist or Republican community. In the last 10 years Sinn Féin have provided them the cover to come into our communities,infiltrate our schools and community centers and even our sporting organisations such as the GAA.

This needs to be reversed. The RUC/PSNI are an occupation force and their should be no welcome for them in our communities. A mass campaign should now be built in all Republican and Nationalist Communities across Occupied Ireland that makes it clear that Britain’s Militia is Not Welcome.

The RUC/ PSNI should be boycotted by the Nationalist Community and those that promote working with them should be shunned. Such a Campaign would be a great act of popular resistance against Britain’s Occupation in Ireland.

Brit Militia Not Welcome- RUC/PSNI OUT!

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