US Imperialists Out of Shannon!

Figures recently released have revealed that more than 71,000 US troops passed through Shannon Airport in 2020.

The Free State continues to facilitate US and NATO troops at Shannon despite the overwhelming opposition of the Irish Peopler to their presence.

Anti Imperialist Action has consistently highlighted the fact that Shannon is now effectively a forward operations base for the imperialist wars of conquest waged by the US and Britain. We have also taken a number of actions to oppose the US and NATO in Ireland from attending protests at Shannon Airport to direct actions and the Free State Department of Foreign Affairs and the Dept of Transport.

But it isn’t enough. What is needed is a mass campaign against the presence of US and NATO troops in Ireland, combining all Anti War and progressive activists into a Broad front against the presence of Imperialist war mongers in our country.

The free state is completely subservient to Imperialism. If you stay silent and ignore the presence of imperialists in Shannon, then you too are complicit in the imperialist war machine.

Say no to Imperialist War- Oppose the US Military Presence at Shannon!

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