Western Sahara Speaks- Public Zoom Meeting

Western Sahara Speaks- Public Zoom Meeting

The people of Western Sahara have been fighting for freedom from Moroccan occupation since 1975, and before that against Spanish colonialism.

The majority of the Saharawi people now live in refugee camps in Algeria, or kept out of the majority of Western Sahara by a wall built by the Moroccan occupation forces. Within the occupied territories Saharawi activists struggling for self determination are brutally repressed by Morocco. European states like France and Spain have benefited enormously from the resources extracted illegally from Western Sahara.

Last year, after one 29 years of ceasefire, the armed forces of the Polisario Front, the legitimate government of Western Sahara, are on the offensive again, fighting for the liberation of their people.

Join us in this discussion with two Saharawi activists, Lagdaf Salec (Western Sahara Action Ireland) and Sania Bachir (Western Sahara Respurce Watch) on the 18th of February at 7pm on zoom where they willl discuss the history of Western Sahara, the Moroccan occupation, the recent return to armed struggle and more.

Join the meeting at the link below:

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