Easter Statement/ Ráiteas Cásca 2021


On the 105th anniversary of the 1916 Rising, the leadership of Irish Socialist Republicans extends greetings to our members and supporters at home and abroad. In particular, we extend Revolutionary greetings to our comrades in Anti Imperialist Action Ireland and Macradh. We send greetings to all Republican organisations who continue to resist British rule and fight for the Republic. We also extend our solidarity to all Republican POWS and to all Republican activists before the courts. Irish Socialist Republicans salute all who continue the work and remain committed to achieving Irish Freedom and Socialism.

This year also marks the 40th anniversary of the 1981 Hungerstrike, when Republican POWS from the IRA and the I N L A fought British Imperialism from within the H-Block torture camp with the only weapon available to them, their lives. That summer 10 Republican Volunteers would be martyred on Hungerstike, murdered by British Imperialism. The courage and sacrifice of the 1981 Hunger Strikers continues to be a great source of Revolutionary inspiration to all Socialist Republicans and we commend the efforts of An Choiste Náisiúnta 1981, the independent Socialist Republican campaign to mark the anniversary for their ongoing work across the country.

105 years ago, the Irish Citizen Army, the Irish Republican Brotherhood, the Volunteers, Na Fianna Éireann and Cumann na mBan joined together in an Anti-Imperialist Broad Front, established the Army of the Irish Republic and Proclaimed in Arms the All-Ireland People’s Republic. For five days the Republican forces took on the might of the British Empire, igniting a flame that continues to burn today, lighting our path to National Liberation and Socialist Revolution.

105 years on, Irish Socialist Republicans declare our alliegence remains with the Republic proclaimed in 1916 and with the Working Class. The Proclamation of the Republic remains a truly revolutionary document and is relevant to our ongoing struggle. In declaring the right of the people of Ireland to the ownership of Ireland, the Provisional Republican Government were openly asserting that the Irish People, by right, own all the land, resources, wealth and wealth producing processes in the county along with the means of production, distribution and exchange. In short, this principle set out in the Proclamation establishes that the Irish Republic is the People’s Republic and its re-establishment is the path to liberation and the capture of power by the Working Class.

105 years after the 1916 rising, Ireland remains occupied by foreign Imperialism and exploited by capitalism. Partitioned into two artificial statlets to suppress the Republic, the counter revolutionary administrations in Ireland continue to exist to serve the interests of Imperialism. Despite statistics that suggest Ireland is a rich nation, tens of thousands of families have no home of their own and are homeless at a time when hundreds of thousands of houses are deliberately kept empty by landlords. This artificial housing crisis created by landlords and foreign vultures has led to increasing numbers dying on our streets. Poverty, hunger, sickness, low wages precarious work and rising unemployment are the daily reality for the working class in Ireland who live in the rack rented substandard accommodation controlled by Private Landlords and foreign vultures. Alongside the imperialists and foreign vultures, the landlords, bankers, developers gombeen politicians and exploitative employers are every bit as much the enemies of the working class and must be fought and defeated through an All-Ireland Struggle for National Liberation and Socialist Revolution. The system is not broken, it is working exactly as it was designed to function, namely, to serve the interests of capital and imperialism. The only course of action to address the issues facing our class is Revolution. The alternative to the misery that confronts the Irish Working Class is the Irish Socialist Republic. But the Republic cannot be imagined into existence, it has to be fought for.

The forces of Imperialism and Counter Revolution are well organized against that fight. Despite the claims and wishes of some, Britain has no intention of leaving Ireland. The Brits are once again increasing troop numbers in Ireland and the military are backed up by hundreds if not thousands of MI5 operatives across Ireland who are in control of policing across all 32 counties. In the 6 counties, the RUC/PSNI are the frontline of the occupation, the shock troops who continue to wage the war against the Republican Community. Added to these forces, sections of the Brit establishment, working through the DUP and MI5 have begun to reactivate the threat of loyalism, the fascist foot soldiers of the British Occupation. In moving to strengthen its grip in Ireland in the wake of Brexit, British Imperialism has stirred loyalist anger to dangerous levels. We urge all nationalists and Republicans in the occupied six counties to be vigilant against this threat from Loyalism. While history has shown that Republicans will act to defend communities, the blame for any loyalist violence if it does breaks out, must be placed firmly at the door of British Imperialism in London. There is a hidden hand stoking the loyalists that must be exposed.

There are those who doubt that British Imperialism remains at war in Ireland. That the Brits continue to see Republicanism as a threat can be judged by the recent actions of the RUC/PSNI in Derry. Every year in the run up to Easter the RUC invades Republican Communities in Derry, raids homes, harasses families with day and night time incursions and arrests republican activists on trumped up charges. This year, the violence committed by the RUC against women and Children has been witnessed around the world. There should be no welcome for the RUC in Republican communities and they should be driven out. In response to these violent attacks on their community, the youth of Derry rallied and resisted the incursions of crown forces. Sticks, stones and petrol bombs were the weapons of choice as a new generation demonstrates the truth to the maxim that Oppression breeds resistance. Irish Socialist Republicans salute the youth of Derry for defending their community and fighting back. We are reminded of the words of James Fintan Lalor that, ‘the first act of resistance is, always, and must be ever, premature, imprudent and dangerous.’

Since being established four years ago, Irish Socialist Republicans have asserted that the primary task facing Republicans today is the Rebuilding of the Struggle for National Liberation and Socialist Revolution on an All-Ireland basis. We have asserted that a vibrant, militant Socialist Republican organization is required to carry out such work and we have set about building one. Our efforts have bourn fruit. In that time our Revolutionary Political Line has won a growing network if support across the country and internationally and our movement has expanded from its initial base on the east coast, through the midlands recently breaking new ground in the west coast and now with an organized presence in every city in the Occupied Six Counties. While there is more organizational work to be engaged in, it is particularly inspiring that a new generation of Revolutionary Youth is coming forward, joining our movement and taking their place in the ranks of the struggle for National Liberation and Socialist Revolution. This year the 1916 events we have organized across Ireland will be led by our Revolutionary youth. The prominent role of youth in our movement is a sign of the renewal of Socialist Republicanism and the strengthening of the struggle for the All-Ireland People’s Republic.

At the same time, over the last four years our movement has consistently argued that no organization, working alone will free Ireland. We have continued to put forward the revolutionary position that only an Anti-Imperialist Broad Front, uniting all Revolutionary Socialist Republicans and Progressive forces can wage a successful struggle for National Liberation and Socialist Revolution. Such a broad front would not try to force the unity of existing groups but would recognize the organizational independence and integrity of all groups involved instead uniting republicans around our common set of Socialist Republican Principles and a Revolutionary Political Programme capable of leading the Irish Working Class in the Reconquest of Ireland. We take this opportunity to encourage all Irish Revolutionary Organizations, collectives and individuals to engage with us on the development of the Anti-Imperialist Broad Front. 105 years ago it was an Anti-Imperialist Broad front of Socialist Republican and Progressive forces that marched into the GPO and Proclaimed the Republic. Such a broad front is needed today to finish the work of Connolly and Pearse and lead the working class in the revolutionary conquest of power.

There is no parliamentary road to socialism. The socialist Republic cannot be established through reformism, electoralism or border polls. There is no quick victory in the struggle for National Liberation and Socialist Revolution. The key to winning the Irish Revolution is winning the support of the Irish Working Class to the Republic. For this reason, socialist Republicans have a duty to be active in their communities, to provide leadership in the everyday struggles of the working class and to link these struggles concretely to the revolutionary struggle. The working class can only achieve liberation and conquer power through revolutionary struggle. Part of building that struggle to victory is the development of alternative Republican working-class power structures in communities across Ireland that become the building blocks of the All Ireland People’s Republic. A further key plank in the revolution must be the reconquest of the Irish Language at a community level and its restoration as the spoken language of our people. The fight against cultural imperialism is one that Socialist Republicans cannot afford to ignore.

We are confident that this coming year will see the continued growth of our movement and the continued strengthening of the struggle for National Liberation and Socialist Revolution. All Socialist Republicans must be active and guard against complacency and revisionism. We each have a role to play and must be mindful of our tasks int the current period:

· To build a vibrant, militant, Revolutionary socialist Republican Movement

· To develop the Anti-Imperialist Broad Front

· To agitate in communities and win our class to the Socialist Republic

· To develop alternative Republican working-class power structures across all 32 counties.

For National Liberation and Socialsit Revolution- Brits Out Now!

Beir Bua-Tiocfiadh Ár Lá!

Ráiteas Cásca 2021 As an gCeannaireacht Sóisialaí Poblachtaigh na hÉireann

Ar an gcéad agus cúigiú chomóradh d’Éirí Amach na Cásca 1916, cuireann Ceannaireacht Sóisialaí Poblachtaigh na hÉireann ár mbeannachtaí chuig ár mbaill sa bhaile agus thar lear. Go háirithe, cuirimid beannachtaí réabhlóideacha chuig ár gcomrádaithe i nGníomh Frith-Impiriúlach na hÉireann, agus Macradh. Seolaimid beannachtaí chuig gach eagraíochtaí Poblachtacha a dhiúltaíonn riail na Breataine agus a throideann ar son na Poblachta. Seolaimid ár ndlúthpháirtíocht chuig gach príosúnaigh Poblachtacha, agus gníomhaithe Poblachtacha atá ag dul os comhair na cúirte. Tugann Sóisialaí Poblachtaigh na hÉireann ómós do chách atá fós i mbun oibre chun Saoirse na hÉireann agus Sóisialachas a bhaint amach.

Titeann an daicheadú comóradh as an Stailc Ocrais 1981 nuair a throid príosúnaigh Poblachtacha as an IRA agus an I N L A i gcoinne Impiriúlachas na Breataine taobh amuigh an campa géibheann na H blocanna leis an t-aon uirlis troda a bhí ar fáil dóibh, a saol. I rith an tSamhraidh sin chaill deichniúir Óglaigh a saol, dhúnmharaíodh iad ag Impiriúlachas na Breataine. Maireann a misneach agus a n-íobairt, agus fós tugann siad inspioráid do gach Sóisialaí Poblachtaigh agus molaimid na hiarrachtaí as an gCoiste Naisiúnta 1981, an feachtas Sóisialaí Poblachtacha neamhspleách in ómós na comóradh, as a gcuid oibre leanúnach ar fud fad na tíre.

105 bliain ó shin chuir an tArm Cathartha na hÉireann, Na hÓglaigh, Na Fianna Éireann, agus Cumann na mBan le chéile i bhFronta Leathan Frith-Impiriúlach, bhunaigh siad Arm na Poblachta, agus Poblacht na Muintire. Le cúig lá throid na fórsaí Poblachtacha i gcoinne Impireachta na Breataine agus thosaigh siad lasair atá fós á lasadh, ag taispeáint an bealach dúinne chuig Saoradh Naisiúnta agus Réabhlóid Sóisialacha.

105 bliain ar aghaidh fógraíonn Sóisialaí Poblachtaigh na hÉireann go bhfuil ár ndílseacht fós leis an bPoblacht a d’fhógair i 1916 agus leis an Lucht Oibre. Is cáipéis fíor réabhlóideach é Forógra na Poblachta agus tá sé fós ábhartha dúinn inár streachailt leanúnach. Sa fhógairt gur ceart ceannasach dochloíte é ceart mhuintir na hÉireann chun seilbh na hÉireann bhí an Rialtas Sealadach go hoscailte ag rá ba chóir go mbeadh muintir na hÉireann i gceannas ar an talamh go léir, acmhainní, agus saibhreas chomh maith leis na slí táirgeadh, dáileadh agus malartú. Go bunúsach deireann an prionsabal seo gurb é Poblacht na hÉireann ná Poblacht na Muintire agus tá gá ag an lucht oibre é a athbhunú.

105 bliain tar éis an t-Éirí Amach 1916 tá Éire fós faoi smacht Impiriúlachas Gallda, dúshaothraithe ag Caipitleachas, agus críochdheighilte i dhá stáitín bréagacha. Déanann na hÚdaráis frith-réabhlóideacha a míle dhícheall a mháistirí impiriúlacha a fhreastal. In anneoin staitisticí a dheireann gur tír shaibhir í Éire tá na mílte gan dídean agus ag an am cheánna tá na mílte teach fágtha folamh ag tiarnaí talúin. Tá an géarchéim tithíochta seo bréagach cruthaithe ag tiarnaí talúin agus creach cistí agus de bharr seo tá níos mó daoine ag fáil báis ar na sráideanna. Bochtanas, ocras, tinneas, obair contúirteach agus dífhostaithe ag dul in airde, seo saol i gcomhair an lucht oibre atá ag maireachtáil i lóistín bun caighdeáin faoi cheannais ag Tiarnaí Talúin Príobháideacha agus creach cistí gallda. Taobh leis na himpiriúlaigh agus creach cistí is iad na baincéirí, forbairtí, polaiteoirí, agus fosaitheoirí naimhde an lucht oibre agus b’fhiú dúinn iad a scriosadh tríd Streachailt Éire Uile i gcomhair Saoradh Náisiúnta agus Réabhlóid Sóisialach. Níl an córas briste, tá sé ag obair mar atá leagtha amach go háirithe chun freastal ar chaipitil agus impiriúlachas. Is é an t-aon réiteach do na fadbhanna atá os comhair an lucht oibre ná Poblacht Shóisialach na hÉireann. Ach caithfidh muid troid ar a son .

Tá na fórsaí impiriúlacha agus frith-réabhlóideacha eagraithe go maith inár gcoinne. In anneoin a mhalairt a cheapann daoine, níl Breatain ag iarraidh Éire a fhágáil ar chor ar bith. Tá líon na bhfórsaí Gallda ag dul in airde agus i dtacaíocht leo tá na céadta gníomhairí MI5ar fud na tíre i gceannas ar phóilíneacht. Sna sé chontae is iad na daoine seo na rúidtrupaí atá fós i mbun cogaidh leis an bpobal Poblachtacha. Chomh maith leis na fórsaí seo tá an DUP agus MI5 ag obair leis na dílseoirí, na trúpaí faisisteacha de chuid Forghabháil na Breataine. Chun neart a chur ar a stádas in Éirinn ina dhiadh Breatimeacht, tá Impiriúlachas na Breataine ag obair le frustrachas na ndílseoirí ar leibhéil contúirteacha. Molaimid gach Poblachtaigh chun súil gear a choimeád amach ar an mbagairt seo. Tá a fhios againn ó stair go bhfuil Poblachtaigh lán-ábalta a bpobail a chosaint ach caithfidh muid a rá go mbeidh an locht i gcomhair foréigean dílseoireacha ag doras Impiriúlachais na Breataine i Londain. Tá lámh ceilte ag obair leo agus b’fhiú é a nochtadh.

Tá amhras ag roinnt go bhfuil Impiriúlachas na Breataine fós i mbun cogaidh in Éirinn. Is léir gur bhfeiceann na Breathnaigh Poblachtachas mar bhaol óna gcuid ngníomhartha i nDoire. Gach bliain agus an Chaisc ag teacht, téann an RUC/PSNI isteach i bpobail Poblachtacha i nDoire, déanann siad ruathar ar tithe, ag ciapadh teaghlaigh lá agus oíche, agus ag gabháil gníomhaithe Phoblachtaigh. I mbliana, bhí foréigean an RUC i gcoinne mná agus páistí le feiceáil ar fud na cruinne. Níor chóir go mbeadh aon fáilte roimh an RUC i bpobail Poblachtacha, ba chóir go mbeadh ruaig curtha orthu. Mar fhreagra ar na hionsaithe foréignacha seo, sheas óige na cathrach an fód. Bhí cipín, clocha, agus buamaí peitril á húsáid ag an nglúin nua atá á fhógairt níl aon síochán go saoirse. Molann Sóisialaí Poblachtaigh na hÉireann óige Dhoire as a bpobal a chosaint agus as a bheith ag seasamh an fód. Tuigeann muid focail Séamus Fionntán Ó Leathlobhair nuair a dúirt sé “the first act of resistance is, always, and must be, ever premature, imprudent and dangerous’.

Ó bhunú Sóisialaí Poblachtaigh na hÉireann ceithre bhliain ó shin bhíomar ag rá go bhfuil an príomh thasc ós ár gcomhair ná atógáil don Streachailt i gcomhair Saoradh Náisiúnta agus Réabhlóid Sóisialach in Éirinn ar fad. Tá eagraíocht Sóisialach Poblachtacha míleatach ag teastáil chun an obair seo a dhéanamh agus tá ceann á thógáil againn. Tá ráth ar ár gcuid oibre. San am seo fuair ár ndearcadh lionra tacaíochta atá ag fás ar fud na tíre agus thar sáile. Chomh maith leis sin tá ár ngluaiseacht ag fás ón gcósta oirthear tríd lár na tíre go dtí an t-iarthar agus táimid eagraithe i ngach cathair sna Sé Chontae. Tá níos mó oibre le déanamh ach tá sé inspioráideach le feiceáil go bhfuil glúin nua ag teacht isteach sa ghluaiseacht agus ag glacadh páirt sa streachailt i gcomhair Saoradh Náisiúnta agus Réabhlóid Sóisialach. I mbliana sna hócáidí atá eagraithe againn beidh róil tábhachtacha ag ár nÓige Réabhlóideach. De bharr na hóige ag dul isteach sa ghluaiseacht taispeáineann sé dúinn go bhfuil Poblachtachas Sóisialach ag dul ó neart go neart.

Le cheithre bhliain anuas táimid á argóint nach mbeidh Éire saor ag eagraíocht ag obair ina n-aonar. Is féidir é sin a dhéanamh ach tríd Fronta Leathan Frith-Impiriúlach, tríd gach eagraíocht sóisialach agus poblachtach ag aontú lena chéile. Sa fhronta leathan seo ní bheidh aon brú ag eagraíochtaí chun a neamhspleách eagraíochtúil a thabhairt suas, aithneoidh an fronta leathan gach grúpa atá páirteach agus beimid aontaithe ar Phrionsabail Poblachtach Sóisialacha i dreo Poblacht na nOibrithe. Spreagaimid ar gach eagraíocht réabhlóideacha chun a bheith ag déileáil linn chun an fronta leathan a fhorbairt. 105 bliain ó shin ba é Fronta Leathan Frith-Impiriúlach agus Fórsaí Fórasacha a mháirseáil isteach san Ard Oifig an Phoist agus a d’fhógair an Phoblacht. Tá fronta leathan ag teastáil sa lá atá inniu ann chun obair Ó Chonghaile agus obair an Phiarsach a chríochniú agus treo leis an lucht oibre chun cumhacht a ghabháil go réabhlóideach.

Níl aon bóthar parlaiminteach go Sóisialachas. Ní féidir an Phoblacht Sóisialach a bhunú tríd athbhreithniúchas, toghchánaíochas nó vóta teorainn. Níl aon bua tapaidh sa streachailt i gcomhair Saoradh Náisiúnta agus Réabhlóid Sóisialach. Is é an bóthar i dtreo na Poblachta ná tacaíocht an lucht oibre don Phoblacht. Don chúis seo tá gá againn chun a bheith ag obair inár bpobail chun ceannaireacht a thabhairt sna deachrachtaí laethúla atá ag an lucht oibre agus nasc a chur ar na deachrachtaí seo leis an streachailt réabhlóideach. Is é tríd streachailt réabhlóideach amháin a bheidh an lucht oibre in ann saoradh a bhaint amach. Is cuid iad struchtúir lucht oibre malartacha leis an streachailt sin. Is iad na struchtúir seo ná na bunchlocha na Poblachta. Is í teanga na Gaeilge cuid lárnach sa réabhlóid chomh maith agus ba chóir dúinn a bheith ag obair go leanúnach chun í a chur ar ais mar ghnáth theanga an lucht oibre. Ní féidir linn neamhaird a thabhairt ar an troid in aghaidh impiriúlachas cultúrtha.

Táimid lán-dóchasach sa bhliain seo go bhfeicfidh muid forbairt leanúnach dár ngluaiseacht agus don streachailt i gcomhair Saoradh Náisiúnta agus Réabhlóid Sóisialach. Tá gá ag gach Poblachtaigh Sóisialaí chun súil gear a choimeád amach i gcoinne athbhreithniúchas agus réchiús. Tá ról ag gach aon duine sa tréimhse seo:

  • Chun eagraíocht Sóisialaí Poblachtach míleatach, réabhlóideach a bhunú.
  • Chun an Fronta Leathan Frith-Impiriúlach a fhorbairt.
  • Chun a bheith ag troid inár bpobail ar a son.
  • Chun Struchtúir lucht oibre malartacha a fhorbairt ar fud na dhá chontae is tríocha.

I gcomhair Saoradh Náisiúnta agus Réabhlóid Sóisialach.

Beir Bua- Tiocfaidh ár lá

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