Loyalist Violence Facilitated By British Imperialism

Anti Imperialist Action Ireland commend the youth of Republican Belfast who are tonight defending their community against a violent sectarian attack coordinated by Loyalist Death Squads and facilitated by British Crown Forces.

In our Easter Statement less then a week ago, Irish Socialist Republicans stated, ‘sections of the Brit establishment, working through the DUP and MI5 have begun to reactivate the threat of loyalism, the fascist foot soldiers of the British Occupation. In moving to strengthen its grip in Ireland in the wake of Brexit, British Imperialism has stirred loyalist anger to dangerous levels. We urge all nationalists and Republicans in the occupied six counties to be vigilant against this threat from Loyalism. While history has shown that Republicans will act to defend communities, the blame for any loyalist violence if it does breaks out, must be placed firmly at the door of British Imperialism in London.’

This has now become a reality and Loyalism is intent at stoking secterian tension to serve the interests of British Imperialism in Ireland.

We again call on all Republicans to be vigilant and alert to the seriousness of this threat and to be ready to work together to ensure safety in our communities.

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