Republicans Must Stand Together to Defend Communities- AIA

Following 8 days of loyalist violence, facilitated by British Imperialism, Republican Communities across the occupied six counties are facing into a long weekend and are making preparations to defend their communities from sectarian attack.

Sectarianism is a tool of British Imperialism in Ireland and the loyalists are being let of the leash to stoke sectarianism to serve the interests of British Imperialism in Ireland. There is no credit in the arguments of some who want to blame both sides in this crisis and that rhetoric is dangerous. Blame for the current wave of violence lies firmly with British Imperialism and their Death Squads.

Republican areas in the occupied six counties face a very dangerous situation this weekend, particularly at the flashpoints. Yet in recent weeks, whether it be crown force incursions in Derry or Sectarian Gangs rampaging in Belfast, the youth of Republican areas have shown they are ready and willing to defend their areas and this must be supported.

Anti Imperialist Action Ireland calls on all Republicans to be ready to stand together on the time ahead to defend our communities from sectarian violence sanctioned by British Imperialism. The Imperialists and their shock troops are united in their agenda to attack, Republicans must stand together in our commitment to defend.

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