British Imperialism is Directing Violent Loyalism

In recent days members of Anti Imperialist Action have been on the ground in North and West Belfast, prepared to defend vulnerable Nationalist communities from the violence orchestrated by the Loyalist Communities Council (LCC), a coordinating body for the Loyaist Death Squads. During this passed week, it has become increasingly clear to our membership that British Imperialism, operating through MI5 are pulling the strings of the LCC, who have organized protests across the occupied six counties and orchestrated the recent sectarian violence at interfaces.

The notion that Loyalist death squads are not behind the recent campaign does not hold any water, particularly when the LCC was largely able to turn the violence off like a tap in response to the death of a British Imperialist Prince and the announcement by Britain of a period of mourning. This action has shown very clearly, to all with eyes, who is pulling the strings.

The level of coordination between loyalist death squads and British Crown forces is also plain to be seen from the response or lack of it by the RUC/PSNI when Loyalist Rioters broke through the gate at Lanark Way in an attempt to attack the Springfield Road. While some in the community have been quick to condemn the Nationalist Youth who stood up and defended the area from Loyalist attack, many local residents have admitted that they were glad the youth were in the area and acted as a serious deterrent to any loyalist incursion.  Anti Imperialist Action Ireland again commends the youth who were to the fore in the recent acts if defence, just as the youth of previous generations before them. Blame for the recent violence in Belfast lies firmly with British Imperialism and attempts to criminalise the Nationalist youth for being prepared to defend their district are unwelcome and should stop.

The growing number of RUC incursions into Nationalist Areas this week, particularly the Springfield and the New Lodge, and the use of Police Dogs, Water Cannon and the threat of Plastic Bullets against the Nationalist Community, demonstrates that the violent campaign currently on our streets has a far deeper and more nefarious levels of organization then just the LCC, who are not acting independently, and are merely a tool of British Imperialism. It is our analysis that the current violence has been sanctioned at the highest levels of the British Government in cooperation with the DUP and the LCC and with the facilitation of British Crown Forces in Ireland, to smash the Ireland protocol and force a hard British border in Ireland.  This is the goal of British Imperialism and Loyalism in Ireland.

Anti Imperialist Action Ireland once again call all Republicans to be ready to work together to defend our communities. We commend the other Republican groups who have also been on the ground ready to act in defence of vulnerable districts along interfaces. Now is a time for the Republican and Nationalist community to be vigilant and to stand together to face the campaign being waged against us by British Imperialism and their loyalist foot soldiers.

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