British Army Special Forces Move to Frontline Role in Ireland

The British Forces of Occupation have announced that the SAS linked Special Reconnaissance Regiment has been moved to a frontline role to assist MI5 in gathering intelligence against those deemed to be a threat to the British Occupation.

The shadowy unit who have a liscence to Kill, will now have free reign to target Republican activists across the country in covert operations.

Speaking from Belfast, a spokesperson for Anti Imperialist Action said, ‘Anti Imperialist Action have always been very clear that the British Army have never left Ireland and that British Imperialism continues to act to strengthen the Occupation of our country for its own selfish and strategic interests. Almost 23 years to the day since the signing of the Good Friday Treaty, a process of surrender that Constitutional Nationalists claim will lead to a British Withdrawal, we have an announcement that Britain’s Special Forces continue to play a frontline role in the occupation and are now free to roam our streets and countryside targeting the Republican and Nationalist Community.

The Special Reconnaissance Regiment like the rest of the crown forces are an illegal terrorist force in Ireland. The history of Britain’s Special Forces in Ireland is the History of Collusion and we in Anti Imperialist Action have absolutely no doubt that one of the roles of the Special Reconnaissance Regiment will be to coordinate the activities of the Loyalist Death Squads, just as their predecessors have in the past.

The spokesperson continued, ‘Britain has no Right to be in Ireland. Anti Imperialist Action calls on the Nationalist and Republican Community to be vigilant. There should be no welcome for British Crown Forces in our Communities and the RUC/PSNI should be boycotted and driven out of them. Britain has no intention of leaving Ireland and is acting to strengthen its hold over Ireland. We call on all Republicans to work together to strengthen the struggle for National Liberation and Socialist Revolution a d to work to build mass All Ireland Movement capable of defending our communities and defeating British Imperialism in Ireland once and for all.

For National Liberation and Socialist Revolution- Brits Out Now!

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