A Return of Sectarian Pogroms?

Following a week of Loyalist Violence direct by British Imperialism, it has now emerged that Loyalist Paramilitaries in Carrickfergus have ordered residents suspected of being catholic to leave the area. Demonstrating that these are no idle threats, at least three homes have come under attack by the death squads this week, with windows and doors being smashed. 

In recent days the UVF have been responsible for three attacks on suspected Nationalist homes in the Woodburn Estate, breaking windows in homes on Cherry Walk and Glenfield Walk and also attacking the home of a pensioner on Pinewood Avenue forcing those living their to leave. The attacks on Nationalist homes in Carrickfergus and the order issued by the UVF for Catholics to leave the area, comes as part of a coordinated wave of violence across the Occupied Six Counties by Loyalist Paramilitaries. That 3 households have been forced to leave their homes as a result of these threats, suggests the Loyalists Death Squads are returning to their age old tactic of sectarian pogroms against the Nationalist Community. 

Despite the denials of the occupation forces, it is quite clear that the Loyalist Death Squads are off their ceasefire and are coordinating sectarian violence and pogroms against vulnerable Nationalists and at interface areas to serve the interests of their imperialist masters. Loyalism is fascism and Anti Imperialist Action once again urge all Republicans to stand together to defend our communities during what is shaping up to be a very dangerous summer.  

The Nationalist and Republican Communities of the Occupies Six Counties know full well who is behind the violence and must now prepare accordingly. There can never be a return to the sectarian pogroms of the past. This is our Country and Britain has no right in it. 

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