Build the All Ireland Campaign for a British Withdrawal Now- AIA

In recent days British Imperialism has made clear that it has no intention of leaving Ireland. Comments from the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson have highlighted that the British government remains a unionist one and that its focus is on strengthening the British Occupation in Ireland, not ending it. Johnson’s comments come at a time of Loyalist Violence in the occupied six counties, and just days after Britain moved to put the SAS linked Special Reconnaissance Regiment to a frontline role. Placed in this wider context, Johnsons comments are more than just rhetoric and in fact confirm Britain’s strategic interest to hold onto Ireland by any means necessary.

Johnsons comments also make something else abundantly clear. There is no constitutional or parliamentary road to Irish Freedom. There can be no shortcut to our liberation through Britain’s Good Friday treaty or a border poll. Campaigning for a border poll through parliamentary agitation is the cul-de-sac that Britain wants to lead the Republican Resistance into, keeping it distracted and tamed. Republicans should not fall for this trap and should wake up to Britain’s Imperialist strategy in Ireland instead of being unwitting advocates for it.

Republicans need to understand British strategy in order to resist and defeat it. Elections and border polls have been deliberately designed to divide and distract Republicans and should be rejected. Britain has no intention of leaving Ireland willingly and must be forced. The road to freedom in Ireland is through a Revolution. In accepting this Irish Republicans must work together to build a campaign for a British Withdrawal across Ireland and Britain. A declaration of intent by Britain to withdraw from Ireland is a cornerstone of the Republican demand for National Liberation and Socialist Revolution and achieving it must be developed into a popular campaign of Resistance.

Our Republic was Proclaimed in 1916 and established in 1919 and is inalienable and non- judicable. Britain has no right to be in Ireland and we need no vote or border poll to tell us otherwise. Instead, all Irish Republicans should work together to develop the Anti Imperialist Broad Front and to lead a popular campaign raising the demand for British Withdrawal from Ireland.  

Reject electoralism and border polls- for National Liberation and Socialist Revolution!

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